Kirstin Fan art I made


Hello !!! I’ve just joined today lol

Here’s KTM fanart I made last year

It’s a redraw from a scene from their Hallelujah MV
hope you like it !! :smiley:


Hello! Beautiful artwork!

Welcome to the family!



Hello @UnPocoCoco you’re so talented!!! :heart:


@UnPocoCoco that look SUPERR. youre very talented.welcome to KC, i hope you have a gr8 time :heart:


Thank y’all so much !! :heart: :heart:


HI welcome to Kirstin connect your artwork is aWesOmE


Hi! welcome to Kirstin connect! You are very talented :smile::two_hearts:



I don’t know many people who can draw lighting well…nice job :smiley:


Thank you guys so much !!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


some more art ;’)
redraw of her crystallize poster (which i love with all my heart)