Kirstin Positivity


i felt like really writing out how much i not only appreciate the lovely Kirstin Maldonado but how proud i am to watch her grow as an artist.

i first discovered ptx way back in 2013, which is kind of a long time in band years. her voice has improved so much and i can’t help but feel like incredibly proud every time i hear her sing. she’s branching out and doing her own thing, too, which i find admirable. she’s not afraid to make the music she wants and she does it beautifully.

that’s not even going into how brilliant she is. i find that the fact she’s a National Hispanic Scholar is ignored way too often. she also travelled with Theatre Arlington and has managed to get herself some classical music training. that’s dedication to what she loves because i’m sure it got rough at times. i dropped out of going to bandcamp when i was younger because i was so scared i would be judged. she didn’t do what i did. she kept going even if she maybe felt like she would be judged.

i’m sorry, i’m going on a tangent, but i love Kirstin and i’m so excited to see how she grows from here on out.