Kirstin Tattoo in 2 weeks!


I’m getting this on my right shoulder and I’m going to be having Kirstin’s signature from my KTM journal traced over and done in red in honor of her Kinky Boots run, under this as well! :two_hearts:


When you do, PLEASE share it with Me! That sounds awesome!!! :heart::heart::heart:


Im going to be posting it to twitter as s**n as it’s done, i’ll make sure to post it here as well


OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH ma gawd, that is beautiful, i mean duhits kirstin. thats really cool


Thank you hun and also i have an update : im getting my tattoo done on May 6th !!


Omg that’s so beautiful! Super happy for you😊


That’s so amazing I can’t wait to see!!!