Kyra's Diary: Still Writing About Whatever


Get your reading glasses on, boys and girls! This is probably one of the longest topics I’ve ever written about whatever. Feel free to stop reading at any time…

I started college junior year two weeks ago…

I’m taking 300 level English and I just finished the book The Turn of the Screw. It’s a pretty good ghost story, but I don’t really like Henry James’s style. I had to spark note through every chapter just to see if I understood it. I’m now reading Jane Austen’s Emma for an annotated bibliography and future essay.

My biology professor is cool. His wife is on her fourth year of med school and because my sister is a biology major in her senior year, he agreed to give sis her email for questions in the medical field. I also got a work study job as a notetaker for biology.

I was supposed to have chior on my first day, but that didn’t happen due to a construction fire in the music conservatory. It’s fine. I’m still a soprano 2. This semester, all our songs are focused on children. The director also wants to take us on a New York trip in May 2019, but I’m choosing not to go due to financial reasons. I do need to go someday. I have a few things on my bucket list that take place in New York City:

  1. See a Broadway musical
  2. Spend New Year’s at Time Square
  3. Go to the Museum of Modern Art to see my favorite piece: Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Also, after chior today I was on my way home listening to “Ref” and saw one of the music majors wearing a PTX shirt. Yeah, we’re out there.

I fought my way into one of the most popular classes in the English department: fiction writing. The professor is so cool and funny. Because creative writing is a personal intimate thing, he likes to keep the class small (which is why I had to fight in registration). We’re not even in a classroom. We’re in a seminar room, so instead of a class, it feels more like a writer’s session. I’m reading and writing something dramatic and messed up for homework every day. He’s really pushing us to write out of our comfort zone and we’ve all pretty much laughed about the fact that all our short stories will suck. To graduate with honors, I’m expected to write a thesis my senior year on my English major with a supervised professor in said field. I really want my fiction writing professor. Because I don’t have to make it official until April, I haven’t asked him yet. Mental health wise I just want to focus on his class and by second semester, I will no longer be in it, so I’ll be free to ask him roughly before April.

I started introduction to theatre production in the scenery shop. 5 weeks on learning about tools and building sets. The next 5 weeks I’ll spend in costumes and the last 5 weeks in lighting (I don’t know which comes next yet). Despite being so close to my theatre minor, I’m not really too big on theatre right now. I failed another audition. Show buz is hard and the stars at my school are intimidating. They’re popular, beautiful, talented and I love them.

Outside of school…

I haven’t written any new lyrics in forever and I have Sara Bareilles’s “Love Song” on constant repeat. I’m sorry. I know I talk about Bareilles a lot. That song is my anthem for writer’s block. I always thought it was so amazing how the composition came out of her frustration of writing a single. Every word in that song reminds me to stay true to my style. My fiction professor warned us that as writers, there is a danger to opening ourselves to things. Other than the chorus, my favorite line in “Love Song” has always been the second pre chorus: “Convinced me to please you. Made me think that I need this too. I’m trying to let you hear me as I am”.

Recently I had a dream I walked into a diner and met Bareilles…I think that means sis and I listened to too much Waitress on spotify this summer. My top Bareilles listens this summer and now: “Chasing the Sun”, “Gonna Get Over You”, “Once Upon Another Time”, “Little Black Dress” and also lyrically relatable, “King of Anything”.

Last night I dreamed I saw Kelly Clarkson in concert. She saw me waving in the audience and she waved directly back. At the end, I told her I loved her and she gave me a hug. I also Clarkson binged this summer, especially on old yotube videos of her covering Bareilles’s “Gravity” and Adele’s “Someone Like You”.

So it’s labor day weekend and I’m doing homework and going up to see sis on Sunday.

If you’re still here, Congratulations!!! You made it to the end of Kyra’s rambling!!!


Meanwhile I just started college and found 13 PTX fans so far. The choir professor kinda loves me :joy:


Yay…I need a PTX shirt. :joy:


meanwhile, i have 3-4 years left before university! (lucky me!)
I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, kyra! sending love :heart:


Glad you were able to get a work study!! Sounds like you’re having a good year so far!


Back at ya, Charlie! :heart:


It’s so weird, Katie. My first day I reconnected with my friend (she’s been in Rome all summer) after classes and a girl walked up to us saying she was looking for notetakers.


That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you!!!



Studied biology yesterday and uploaded the notes for my second week of work study.

Turns out I already read and studied my next assigned short story reading for fiction (in another English class from last year), so I’m skipping it.

Now I’m on the road with my parents to see my sister. I’m halfway through Emma and currently taking a break on YouTube.

If any of you are old enough/young enough to remember That’s So Raven, you’ll recongize Aneliese Van Der Pol (Chelsea).

I found a 2 month old video of her performing History of Wrong Guys. It’s so good!!! I can’t believe she never got the part!!!

I’ve also been listening to the Luaren after Kirstin. I love how animated her voice is with it.

And her reimagined version is beautiful.


Need prayers for all of us in the Carolinas. Heading to school, staying alert for Hurricane Florence.


Sending lots of prayers.



Praying! Is Florence your first hurricane?


Yeah, my family’s been fortunate to never be in any serious natural disasters so I’m freaking. My dad’s pretty chilled and prepared. He said he used to have hurricanes all the time as kid. But my biggest fear has always been tornadoes.


Tornados are scary and hurricanes can cause them but it’ll be ok. The biggest thing with hurricanes is being prepared. As long as you are prepared you’ll be ok. Honestly as a Floridian and having grown up around hurricanes now they’re fun. Yes you may be powerlesss for a couple of days but it’ll be ok. The important part is to have the weather on during the storm to be ready to be alerted to any warnings. If there is a warning just get to a safe area of your house (we use our laundry room). We even set up the room ahead of time with blankets, pillows, games, books etc. also portable phone chargers are a necessity that no one ever puts on the list. If the power goes out the chargers will let you still have power on your phone to communicate. It’ll be ok! Are you on the coast?


Also good news Tom Terry (weatherman here who is the only one to trust with hurricanes and who is almost always right) is now saying it should make landfall at just a cat 1 or 2


This just in: South Carolina is predicted to be more impacted, so classes are cancelled tomorrow and Monday. I don’t have classes on Fridays, so just Monday for me.


That sounds about right. With things like that they like to be on the safe side. Trust me you don’t want to travel during it


Y’all still doing good?


Yeah, got food, charged chargers if and/or when electricity goes out and I’m especially relieved my sister didn’t spend another semester on that marine lab because people had to be evacuated from that place.


That’s good. Evacuations aren’t always a bad thing but that’s good that she’s safe!