Kyra's Diary: Still Writing About Whatever


Oh God I just finished watching Wicked’s 15 Years on Broadway on NBC. It was amazing watching all my favorites, Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Adam Lambert, Pentatonix and Ariana Grande. I cried half the show. I’m so happy I got to see it. But I’m also crying because it’s over and of course I wish I could’ve been at the actual show. I must return to my week, test tomorrow, my sister’s turning 22 on Halloween, but we hasn’t lived with me the past 3 years, so Halloween means nothing to me. What I would give to be a kid again, see Broadway and sing 24/7. :joy: :two_hearts:


I’m not sure if you can go back to physically a kid, but you can always have the heart of one! As for Broadway, it would be amazing to see one live, but YouTube provides little snippets. And why not sing 24/7? Actually… don’t do that rest your voice every now and then :joy:


Pretty sure I got an A or B on my biology test today, but considering my stress and emotions getting the better of me yet again studying, I’m mad at my professor for cutting out most of the material.

The English majors and I went trick or treating at the English department where the English professors dress up and give us candy. My fiction professor brought his 2 year old daughter. She was Courious George and he was the man in the yellow hat. I don’t eat candy too much but in the spirit of Halloween, I trick or treat for the thrill of it.

My advisor picked the perfect class for my spring semester: Lennon and Mcartney. I’d study literary text in song lyrics. But it’s a night class. He doesn’t like me taking night classes. But it’s like my dream class. I haven’t told him yet. I’m not ready to be crushed.


dont stress yourself out when studying, it’s better to take breaks in between and don’t cram in everything in one night. It sounds like you had fun trick or treating! I hope everything works out with your class sis :two_hearts:


I spent $14 at the Winthrop bookstore to get my sister’s birthday present. Ended up getting her two presents:

I got her a $8 journal that says “Love” on the cover, because she’s my love. The best part is she gets a word from Kirstin. :heart:

I also got her a $6 keychain of a pink elephant that says “Be Happy” on the back. It’s her senior year at Duke University and she too’s been stressing with work and the future, having second thoughts about being a doctor, so I’m hoping she’ll attach it to something and read “Be Happy”. :blush:

But anyway, she’ll get them when she comes home for Thanksgiving.


Can you believe this happened to me? Came to the costume shop this morning to finish my bag. After an hour, my instructor had to go to a class but since I only had one step left, she left me to finish. I was on the sewing machine and the second I finished my bag, the needle broke! I left the pieces and a note.


Durring fiction writing workshop, my friend Sarah wrote on a piece of paper and slipped it to me. It said “Stan Lee is dead.” After class, I checked my phone where my sister texted “Stan Lee died.” It’s a sad Monday for Marvel fans everywhere. Rest in peace, you legend. Thank you for the comics and funny movie cameos. :cry: :two_hearts:



It’s my second day on holiday break. After finals, I pretty much dedicated yesterday to doing absolutely nothing but sleeping, tv, music and internet.

Read if you want to but you don’t have to. I’m just adding to my diary out of boredom.

So finals…

  1. First of all my biology 151 professor for lab (God bless her) doesn’t have finals. Adding up my three test, my two lab reports and my extra credit = B+.

  2. My professor for biology 150 however crammed way too much information in us all semester only to have the final be made by the department. I’m too fed up to stress about that. I should still passed and I cared more about the lab course anyway.

  3. For the final in fiction writing, my class went to the art gallery and read our pieces to each other. My friends pushed me into reading an 2 page homework assingment I did earlier in the semester where my professor wanted us to rewrite fairytales.

Cute story: I was listening to Sara Barellies’s “Fairytale” on the first verse:

“Cinderella’s on her bedroom floor she’s got a crush on the guy at the liquor store”

I ended up writing about a promiscuous Cinderella. It’s the dirtiest thing I’ve ever written. I got a good girl reputation in school, so reading it was embarrassing. But my professor said he loved how I “deconstructed norms” and “attacked patriarchy.”

I also turned in my final revision and case study for my 10 page story. My professor gave me a B+ in the class…which as a writer actually sucks a little.

  1. In English 300: Approaches to Literature, I had to read 14 excerpts and pick 8 to identify the literary lens. I also had to pick a poem or short story to write a in class essay about. I chose Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour.”

By far the hardest literature class I’ve taken yet. I’m a creative writer, not a critical writer. I also turned in my essay for Jane Austen’s Emma. I wrote about how she’s ironically a feminist by immersing herself into her gender roles. I spent the whole semester researching critical articles to prove this. It’s especially interesting because Austen’s ahead of her time with the feminist theory.

Fun fact: this semester had me realize I was a feminist writer (unintentionally).

  1. My chior director didn’t want to give a final but the school made him and he made us write about our favorite song, most challenging song, and what song we’d like to sing for future concerts. After that we had a party to which someone got on the piano and we sang “Someone Like You.” By the end the director cut us off at “All of Me” and said, “I want ALL OF YOU to get out.”

  2. My last final was in theatre production to which I had to identify different stage lights and parts of them. I was also graded on how I hung a stage light with my wrench. Then I was graded on how I focused it.

I than moved to scene shop where I had to identify a carriage bolt and do basic math with platform measurements. He had to walk some of us through it. College puts so much hard stuff in your head, you forget the easy stuff from elementary school. I was also graded on how I wrapped up a power drill and I cut a two and a half block of wood on the chop saw.

My last part was the costume shop where I had to sew a button on a piece of fabric and follow the line on a sewing machine. I also got the bag I made back from the five weeks I spent in the costume shop. I got a 93/A-, points taken off for unstraight seams. My MomMom was a seamstress, so my mom said she’d be proud.

La di da di da…