Kyra's Diary: Still Writing About Whatever


Have you seen this week’s episode?


Yeah, Ricki Lake. Mom and I weren’t surprised after it was a geuss. We didn’t think about her husband though. I think they got divorced before his death. She totally slayed the long note at the end of “Brave.”


I wasn’t expecting her at all honestly


Friday/day off entry…

I’ve been reading “Kindred” by Octavia E. Butler for Women and Literature and if you haven’t read it, you should. It’s amazing and addresses a lot of discussions containing thoughts on slavery, rape, race, eras, point of veiw, etc…

For my first paper in Women and Literature, I’m writing about Maxine Hong Kingston, who’s book, “The Woman Warrior”, is the second book we finished. It’s a mix of her autobiography and Chinese folktales. I think what I love so much about her disoriented writing in it is that although it adresses her struggling to balance between culture and modernity, her story relates to everyone who struggles to find identity in their upbringing. I don’t want to be a spoiler, but there’s a chapter where she imagines herself as Fa Mulan and although Kingston’s not an actual warrior, she acknowledges that words are the only weapon she’ll ever need and the most powerful weapon.


Honestly, Mom doesn’t think the show should have professional singers. Maybe she’s right, but I don’t care. I love how we all think we know the biggest singers just by their voices. When I went to Catawba, I was driving with my old roommate, she had the car radio on and mistook Carey Underwood for Miriah Carey. Don’t ask me how. :sweat_smile:

Do you know if they get to keep the costumes? Probably not. I think I saw the Poodle’s on display during one of the clue clips. Do they get to pick and have them made?


I’m pretty sure they do have them made because some of the characters have a background story to the costume they chose and Nick does ask them why did you pick so and so. I don’t think they get to keep them but it would be so cool if they did


If you were to be on The Masked Singer what would you choose to be?


Like dragon or pegasus. I wanna say mantis shrimp but my peeps already know I’m fused with the critter. :joy:

If I was a famous singer, it would probably be my logo…


I’d be a Phoenix. Rising from the ashes :blush:


Ooooh!!! I could see you as a phoenix!!! :fire:


I’m doing a presentation on poet, Pablo Neruda on the 19th. I did half of it until I realized that’s not this week. Putting off the rest until next weekend. :joy: I also just finished my paper about Kingston and was about to read back over it for typos until I realized it doesn’t have to be submitted until Monday morning. Putting it off until tomorrow. :joy:


So apparently Mom says she saw that our church Elevation is up for a Grammy. I forgot the Grammys were tomorrow. The last year on Grammy weekend I had a nasty stomach virus. Congratulating myself on being healthy this weekend. :joy:


@MonaysMontage the Peacock has to be Donny Osmond.

Peacock said because of this wig he was thrown in jail.


Mom and I had doubts but we remembered Donny played Joseph.

I may be wrong, but does this look like a match?



You’re right! That does look like a match!


I don’t want to ruin anyone’s Valentine’s Day, but it troubles me that I haven’t heard anything about it being one year since the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Most of my maternal family lives in Florida, so it hit close to home with my aunts, uncles and grown cousins, knowing that could’ve been their kids. You don’t forget these things. This Valentine’s Day I send love and prayers to the victims and their families. There’s no room for hate and violence in the world. Only love.


The entire state of Florida had a moment of silence for them at 10:17 (the time it started) yesterday. Definitely not forgotten.


@Kyra_Pearson my mom and I are gonna watch this week’s episode tonight when she gets home from work. Excited as usual!


My mom and I knew the Alien was La Toya the whole time. We were thrown off a little with the “sisters” clue, which leaned us towards a Kardashian, but her voice sounded like she was black. Her tone was airy like Janet and Mom totally knows her body. Famous family, the snake, Indiana, law…it all came together.

Mom got me pricy sushi for Valentine’s Day. I’m always taking advantage of Publix’s free samples. Anyway, she thinks the Lion is Carnie Wilson and I think she’s way off…I don’t know anymore. But Mom says if it’s not Carnie, she’ll buy me more sushi. I WANT SUSHI!!! DON’T LET IT BE CARNIE!!!

My Dad took Wednesday off so he could finally watch last week’s episode. He did research about one of the Bee’s clues (I won’t tell you which clue because I don’t wanna be a spoiler). He promised not to do it, so I’m ticked off! He has to keep his mouth shut until the Bee’s revealed. He says I’m too young to know her anyway. Maybe it’s because I’m always wearing earbuds, but I don’t think he realizes that I’m listening and studying songs since before I was born. Who can it bee?


My mom thinks she knows who it is but if your dad says you’re too young to know her, I definitely don’t know her


I seriously did not realize how much Demi actually looks like Selena…