Kyra's Diary: Still Writing About Whatever


Chicago. My lion, Rumer Willis. I can’t believe I didn’t geuss it. :lion:



I didn’t see it :sob: no ima have to hide it from my mom.

We usually record it on our DVR and watch it when she has a night off. I’m SO shocked though! I didn’t really know who the lion was, but I didn’t expect it to be someone from Empire!


I’m sorry. But I’m pretty sure the lion said Empire in one of her clues. But there’s more surprises. So message me when you do watch. I need to talk.


Got good news before I start classes. It’s been maybe nearly a year or two now since I talked about my aunt being diagnosed with breast cancer, but only because she’s been well, working, on the five year survival rate. Just called her because she’s had a mri scan. She’s still good. God is good. :two_hearts:


My life has suddenly become one musical after another…

We watched “Sweeney Todd” in Script Analysis, the play and film…but it’s actually my least favorite musical because of the darkness. Last weekend, Winthrop had their production of “Annie Get Your Gun.” I couldn’t go though. I had to work on my presentation on Pablo Neruda for Contemporary Poetry. Fun fact, I totally realized his name is in the song “La Vie Bohème” from Rent. I can never listen to that song with my parents present.

A couple of months ago my dad got me “The Greatest Showman.” My mom is absolutely in love with all the songs. Her favorites are “The Greatest Show”, “A Million Dreams”, “Rewrite the Stars”, “This Is Me” and “Tightrope.” She especially loves “Never Enough” by both Kelly Clarkson and Loren Allred. This semester in choir we’re performing “This Is Me.”

Mom’s challenging me to cover either “Never Enough” or “Tightrope”, but I don’t see that happening.

After my parents and I saw “Kinky Boots” (Broadway in Columbia), I bought the 2005 film the musical was based off. Mom and I loved it! Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein really did a phenomenal job staying true to the film and turning it into a musical. I haven’t gotten Dad to see the film yet. But apparently I can make him drive all the way to the theatre in Columbia. Go figure.

Mom and I spent the weekend watching lots of PTX videos. We also watched Ms. Mojo’s top 10 Hardest Roles in Musicals on YouTube. Fun fact, Christine from “Phantom of the Opera” is #10. Only #10? In my opinion, opera singing is just hands down hard. Elphaba from “Wicked” is only #9…interesting…


Why do I L O V E Kirstin? :sob: :two_hearts:


My day as a discussion leader for the Lennon and McCartney symposium is over. Overall, the class received my questions well and for the first time we got out at 7:26 pm. Class usually ends at 7:45 pm. Needless to say, the class loves me. :joy:


Mom and I watched “The Greatest Showman” for like the tenth time. Her coworker still hasn’t seen it, so we’re probably planning on getting it for her. Her little girl would love it.



Meghan’s graduating from Duke pretty soon and I wanted to share this cute poster she made for her school’s last game…

If you understand this poster…yes, we are all Hamilton fans. If not, it’s a reference to the musical’s song “My Shot.”

Meghan’s a huge SNL fan and we watched Lin-Manuel Miranda appear on the show and perform “My Shot” in the opening.


I have another month until spring break :sob:

Your sister looks just like you!


If I had a dollar for everytime people say we look alike, I could pay off my school loans in a heartbeat! :joy:


Bringing back Rupi Kaur for International Women’s Day. :two_hearts:



:joy::joy::joy::joy: that’s my life with my sisters. I got so annoyed in high school once that I responded no I don’t she’s adopted… like 40 people believed me before anyone said anything to her.


If you have Netflix, I highly recommend “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” based off the book. Meghan showed me the film today and it’s absolutely beautiful, a real sister loving rom-com. I wish it was a film when I was in high school. It probably would’ve encouraged me to pursue guys out of my league…no, probably not. :joy: :two_hearts:



The book series is really good! I haven’t seen the movie though…don’t have netflix :disappointed_relieved:


I hope you’ll get the chance to see it. I think and hope you’ll like it. It deserves to be on DVD. :blush:



Sis went to the salon. :two_hearts:


omg!! it looks amazing!!


Oh my goodness! It’s so good!!! It’s one of the best book to movie remakes I’ve ever seen! They’re making the second one too!