Kyra's Diary: Still Writing About Whatever


You can use my Netflix to watch it! It’s amazing!


I’ve read literally every single one of Jenny Han’s books and they’re probably the best contemporary romance books i’ve read in my life!


Yeah, Meghan told me there’d be a second one. When she’s at school, she and the girls get together and watch it all the time. Dad rented a hotspot from the public library so we’d have Wi-Fi while we’re home on spring break. We’ve been tearing through her Netflix ever since. 3 minutes in the film, I was already emotionally invested, asking questions.

Usually I’m iffy about watching films based off books if I’ve already read the book and loved it. The worst remake for me would have to be the series for “13 Reasons Why.” I’m not saying it’s bad, just more extra and explicit than the book. I’m really squeamish. We read it for Fiction Writing and had to watch two episodes for the final. I had to put my head down and peeps laughed at me. :joy:


On a related note, has anyone seen “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu? I read it for Women and Literature and the jury’s still out on whether or not I’ll see it on Meghan’s Hulu.


Meghan and I binged on all the Marvel films for the past couple of years just so we could see Captain Marvel. This woman is a real hero. I wish Stan Lee could’ve lived to see this masterpiece out in theaters. Forever grateful. :sob: :two_hearts:


My obsession is Taylor Swift’s butterfly shoes! They’re my fairytale come true! :two_hearts:






Meghan’s back at school and Mom’s kind of sick in the throat. She has the idea that she can sing like Halsey with her new husky, raspy voice. She told me to teach her the words to “Without Me” and I tried, but she’s always been hilariously terrible at lyrics. :joy:

P.S. Mom’s always liked Halsey, but I think she really earned her love after she painted while simultaneously singing “Eastside” on SNL. :art:


I’m back at school and I got one more class for the day, but I couldn’t wait to share my excitement! :star_struck:

My Women and Literature professor assigned the last paper for the course:

  1. Present a thesis about a text that hasn’t been read for class, and the thesis should describe how the chosen text pushes readers or viewers to think about gender in meaningful ways.

  2. Choose a text that you find moving and compelling! It can be a song, a poem, a short story, a novel, a TV series, a film, or a Broadway musical. The possibilities are multiple!

Two words: Sara Bareilles :heart_eyes:

My two song choices came down to either her song “Armor” or her song “She Used To Be Mine” from Waitress the Musical. But no question, it’s “Armor.” :slightly_smiling_face:

I already sent my professor the music video and I’m so excited to hear her response. :grinning:

I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a paper assignment since I wrote about Kirstin for Famoso Hispano in Spanish. :joy:

P.S. My Women and Literature professor will always be one of the sweetest, peppiest, funniest people I’ve ever met. :blush:


I am just so in love with Floof. :heart_eyes:


Floof! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I wanna be happy doggo :heart:



As a regular on Kirstin Connect it was probably hard to notice I wasn’t as active on the forum as I usually am. :sweat_smile: The final weeks of junior year was a lot of hard work and I really didn’t feel like opening up. My sister has her last final today and she’s about to graduate Duke with a BA in biology and history. But she doesn’t know what she wants to do. Back in March she had two panic attacks and I’ve been messaging her about non academic stuff to keep her calm. Since then I’ve been really shutdown. It’s like if my sister’s not okay, I’m not okay. But my grades are great, she’s graduating and it’s a time to be happy.

I missed free writing and a lot of little positive things happened over the final weeks that I wanted to talk about but I had to work. I’m gonna list them. :blush:

  1. My now former professor for Women and Literature agreed to be my advisor for my senior honors thesis. She’s also the chair of the English Department. And the Dean for the Department of Arts and Sciences and Director of the Honors Program approved my research topic. I’m now officially allowed to write a 25 to 30 page paper about Sara Bareilles’s lyrics for Waitress the Musical. :rofl:

  2. The last choir concerts were the best ever. Me and all the other sopranos and altos actually got to perform Sara Bareilles’s “Brave.” But my all time favorite was when we got to perform “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman. It’s fun to see the audience take pictures/video and sing along. I especially L O V E Kelly, the alto 1 and soloist. Her voice is magical. I admire her so much. One of the men from the more advanced choirs is also the son of one of my mom’s friends and coworkers. He won a big music scholarship at the end of the night!!! Wooo!!! :tada:

  3. In Lennon-McCartney, we were required to study the Beatles song “I’m So Tired.” I bought the lyric book for the class, but half the classmates who printed out the lyrics on google accidently read “I’m So Tired…” by Lauv and Troye Sivan. It was hilarious. :rofl:

  4. My friend, Sarah, won two English scholarships this semester!!! Wooo!!! :tada: Also, I actually never mentioned this but her little sister studied musical theater at Anderson University. I told her my roommate from Catawba studied musical theater was also going to Anderson. Turns out they became roommates. :open_mouth:

  5. I watched Motown 60: A Grammy celebration on TV with my parents. I missed my Pentatonix with Smokey Robinson though. :cry: But while I was watching the wonderful Stevie Wonder perform, I saw Kevin and his fiancée in the audience. I actually noticed his fiancée before I noticed Kevin. I don’t know how. I’ve only seen her once. :rofl:

  6. I saw Avengers: Endgame. Wow. That’s it, no spoilers. L O V E you, Stan Lee.

I hope to make and have some fun conversations on Kirstin Connect before school comes back in the fall. I L O V E you, forum friends. I’m definitely going to poke around missed topics. :kissing_heart:


Hopefully with pressure is off and your sister is doing much better now. :pray:
So glad that you were able to successfully navigate the semester in spite of all the distractions.
Loved reading about all the positives that occurred. So very happy for you and your sister. She will figure out where she wants to go next. Hopefully now she can stop and breathe for a moment while she is trying to sort it all out.

Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us and I look forward to your updates.



I :heart: hugs. :blush:



Oh! That also reminds me I suscribed to a page on Facebook called I Love Dogs where there’s endless posting of puppy and dog videos and photos. It’s like the most distracting thing ever. :heart_eyes: I also came up with the perfect gender neutral name for the puppy/dog I hope to have one day.


One summer Mom showed me the 1987 film “Overboard” starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. I know I’m way late to see the 2018 remake with Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez, but I just saw it on my sister’s Hulu and it was so cute and so funny! The gender switch was such a smart choice. I L O V E Anna Faris. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The film remake’s song “Yo Quiero” is also my song of the day. :notes:


My sister is my :star2:

I’ve been very tired. I spent the weekend in North Carolina for Meghan’s graduation. There were four events…

Saturday Meghan and all the other African American Duke students were awarded kente cloths. Sunday was graduation day - Duke had a general ceremony for all graduates. I then had to go the ceremony for biology majors where she got her actual degree in biology. The last ceremony was for history majors (her second major). Meghan also minored in chemistry, but she said the ceremony wasn’t necessary to go to.

Anyway we went home yesterday but we’re currently driving back to bring her and her things home to whatever her life becomes now…


Happy 27th to this :star2: shining brighter :birthday:

I know I’m just one of a billion Pentaholics but I L O V E you so much! :sob: :two_hearts: