Late Night Jitters


Hey, guys. So, it’s sometime past midnight right now, and I am super nervous. I’m going into that mental clinic that my mentors referred me to, first thing today, to get assessed for anxiety.

I had given myself a deadline to go by the 22nd, but then realized that there’s really nothing keeping me from going today, so I decided, the sooner, the better.

One of my mentors has been observing me at their agency, and she’s mostly noticed that this anxiety has been getting worse these last four weeks, not better. So, she encouraged me to get the assessment done.

I’d appreciate everyone’s prayers that this goes well. Thanks, guys. Love y’all. :two_hearts:


Good luck!


That’s great! I can’t wait to hear how well this works for you!



It’s great that you decided the sooner the better. Praying for you. You’ll be alright. :kissing_heart: