Let's Write a Fanfic!


Let’s write a fanfic here!
The rules are Simple: main characters are members of PTX, but of course you can add others like Esther, Nicole, or Austin. Maximum of writing is one sentence. Continue what the last person said. Get creative!
Let’s try and make it as professional as possible :wink:

Lets write a Fanfic

Here’s the start: The last show of the PTX World Tour just finished and the five of them gather backstage, exhausted but happy as Nicole takes the snap account of PTX and takes the last ten-second video of them and captions it “JUST FINISHED. WE LOVE YOU. :hearts:”.


“Oh my god this was great!” exclaimed mitch, pulling scott into a hug as they began crying tears of happiness.


“How about a buffet to celebrate?” asks Kevin.


¨That sounds Good!¨ Avi Exclaimed


Then the whole crew settled to a nice and cozy restaurant nearby.


They found this really nice booth, where Scott, Mitch and Kirstie sat on one side and Kevin and Avi sat on the other.


Mitch said ¨ I really enjoyed tonight!¨


“Me too,” Kevin added while shoving a forkful of steak into his mouth.


Scott reached under the table and took Mitch’s hand into his and began drawing little circles on his hand with his thumb.

(If you thought i wasnt going to add scomiche, ya crazy)


Mitch giggled and leaned into him, giving his hand a gentle squeeze.


Scott Glanced at Mitch Smiling Even Bigger.


Avi cleared his throat loudly, startling them.


Mitch looked up and at Avi. Kirstie and Kevin Looked at Mitch and Scott, As if just figuring out what was going on.


Everyone knew that Scott and Mitch always jokingly played with each other, but none of them knew it was for real.


Kirstie asked ¨ Mitch, are you and Scott a thing?¨ Mitch blushed , while looking away said¨ No!¨


Scott saw Mitch blushing and saved him from his embarrassment by saying while laughing, “Kirstie,you know we’re just joking.”


¨Yeah, Just a joke!¨ Mitch squealed. Looking at everyone else, regaining his composure.


They all just laughed it off and eventually finished dining.


They walked to the tour bus to get some sleep.