Let's Write a Fanfic!


Mitch laying in bed, decided to get his phone and text Scott so that way he wouldn’t wake up the other members who were sleeping.


Scott got up and took Mitch to the back of the tour bus, where no one was.


Mitch was a little nervous, but excited about what Scott was leading to.


soon when they reached the back of the bus, Mitch grabbed Scott’s big hands and held them in his delicate ones


Mitch smiled at Scott and said, “they fit perfectly, our hands.” They were both grinning like happy idiots.


Scott leaned down and kissed Mitch softly.


Mitch smiled and Kissed Scott back.


Even though the place was quiet and they had to keep it that way, they still were having some actions.


Mitch would spontaneously Giggle and Scott would Shush him.


however, the other members of the group were starting to notice things. The secretive looks, the giggling, the way they touched each other so much more.


Mitch was always worrying that they wouldnt be accepting of Scott and Mitch. Scott would always tell him, “Dont worry! We are going to be fine!”