My Birthday Fundraiser


First off, wanted to wish everybody a Happy New Year’s Eve, and I hope 2019 is awesome for every single one of you.

Secondly, I’ve told you guys about these classes that I’m taking, but I haven’t gone into full detail, I believe.

I’m taking classes at a non-profit organization called the Independent Living Center of Southern California (ILCSC). This place has been helping people with disabilities by giving them the skills they need for independent living and the workplace. They have classes like Money Management as well as a Travel Training class that teaches clients how to take the bus.

The ILC has been so gracious and helpful to me these last couple years, so I wanted to repay them.

I’m holding a fundraiser to raise $500 by my birthday (Jan. 9th) for ILC.

Even the littlest amount would mean a lot.

I’d be super grateful if you guys could send in a contribution.

I wanna end this year off and start my birthday off knowing that I did something good for someone else.

I’d greatly appreciate it, guys.

Thanks so much.


Sounds like a great place. I hope you reach your goal.

Wishing you an early Happy Birthday!


I honestly thought this was to donate to your birthday :joy:

Amazon put my credit card in a bind right now so I really can’t donate, but I’ll look again when I can use it.