My life update!


It’s been a hot minute since anybody posted but so much has happened in my life since we were active that I decided to make a topic updating on my life. I just made the Deans list for the fall semester and I’m really excited, I mean we were all here the days when I was barely passing all of my classes. If I keep it up I could potentially graduate Cum Laude this time next year. I have a boyfriend now. He’s amazing and sweet and opens doors for me. I found him when I wasn’t looking at all. Also I got a new tattoo yesterday!! It’s a Gilmore girls reference but it means ready for anything.


Glad to hear you’re doing well.
Nice tattoo.

And Merry Christmas!


Yay! Congratulations @Katief1107 !!! Sorry I haven’t been here to see this sooner. :heart: :balloon: :tada:


Omfg congratssss!! I’m so proud of you :sob::sob::yellow_heart:


Congrats babe!!! It looks wonderful xx


Thank you!!! I’m honestly so happy!


First of all: amazing tattoo!!! I plan on getting a few Christian ones :purple_heart:. Second of all: you deserve a gentlemen! We need more of those in the world (the ones who open doors). Third of all: I knew you could do it sis! I remember you being so stressed but look at you now!


Thank you!! I have one more I really want and that’s the words always more with the Bible reference Ephesians 3:20. Yes he is so amazing! He is everything I want but wasn’t even looking for. I swore I was done with guys after the last one but he came from nowhere. You know what they say Gods timing is perfect.


It is!! :gift_heart: :church:


More life:
Ok guys so I still am super happy. The boy is great… he keeps me laughing and makes me feel safe. I get super anxious frequently especially when around a lot of people or if there’s a lot going on around me. Whereas my ex would laugh and tell me to get over it, he immediately wraps his arms around me to help me feel secure. He met my family and I’ve met his as well. I’ve included some pictures that show how amazing he is. The picture of me standing on the bench I just thought was funny. He’s super tall (like 6’3) and I’m only 5’6 so when I wanted to tease him with the beaters (he cooks and was making a baileys cheesecake) I had to get a little creative. I honestly didn’t know that any of the pictures except the selfie were being taken.


I would like to be invited to the wedding please


Of course! We’ve only been together almost 2 months so a little soon to plan but personally planning within 2 years but never know :woman_shrugging:t2:


So happy for you! Thank you so much for the update!


I’m happy everything is working out, Katie. I :heart: seeing you look so happy. :slight_smile: :two_hearts:


Thank you Kyra! I honestly didn’t think I would ever be this happy again. I swore I was done with dating and truly meant it. He came when I wasn’t looking at all and he’s such a blessing


Never say never :heart::heart::heart: