My love my life from mamma mia here we go again


i saw this movie in the theater and i loved it so much.
one of my favorite scenes is this emotional song near the end of the movie, where Sophie sings with the spirit of Donna. i literally cried like a baby. (WHY DID DONNA HAD TO DIE :sob::sob:)

please let me know what you thought of this scene and if you got emotional.


I haven’t seen the movie.


me neither. as treacherous as it may be, i’m not a fan haha


I haven’t seen it yet. I wish. :sob: Mamma Mia is a crazy musical and I loved every part of it. And yes, I am an ABBA fan. :heart:


you should see the movie. i loved lily james as young donna


I bet! I’ve listened to the songs from the film though (I couldn’t help it). I saw the 2015 Cinderella though and was like “where have I seen her?” :joy:


i love the cindy remake! i loved the ballgown way more in that movie.
also richard madden is hot! :heart_eyes: (i’m gay)


Here you go babe :wink:



Omg!!! Fellow LGBT member!!! :rainbow_flag:


wow i never thought you were a lgbt member too! this is great!
do you have a celebrity crush? mine are:
male: Colin o Donoghue
female: Lily James
(sorry it took so long, my screentime is very brief)


Male: Antonio Brown
Female: Emma Watson
But neither compare to my girlfriend :heart_eyes:


Hermoine is a queen! can i get a picture of your girlfriend?


She’s in the leather jacket. I’m so lucky :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


she looks beautiful! you make an adorable couple! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you! I love her so much!


havent actually seen the movie hmm…i went to see the musical at capitol theatre tho!!! it was great fun!!!


I haven’t seen the movie. Is it out on DVD? If so, I’ll buy it so my girlfriend and I can watch it together.