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I used a shipp that doesn’t exist :v is Kirsler (Tyler Oakley x Kirstie) Yeah, I know that Tyler is sooooo gay but, I fondly love that shipp for a roleplay that I am.

I hope you enjoy!

The Letter “L”

“Oh! How to forget it? “Said the blonde girl on the stage.” How can we forget to talk about that miracle? That beautiful miracle that shocks so many called life” She smiled at the audience.

My younger sister had invited me to the presentation that her school made every year, and to please her I agreed to come, in previous years I had not crossed my mind to step on this auditorium for that purpose. Anyone would think they are ridiculous dances, mediocre plays, no good actors and nothing interesting to tell, but this one was different than I thought.

Rising on stage there was a blonde girl with interesting features, did not seem to be of American nationality, but that did not matter to me. That friendly-looking lace spoke with a soft and expressive voice, playing the role of Katherine Morgan in an intermediary monologue, somewhat alien to the play that would be presented as a closing event. She talked about the things that generally caused great commotion in the human being, stopping mainly in life.

At the end of her participation I was one of the first of the public to applaud, had been fantastic.

It started the final play of the act and I sighed a little, that girl had left me with the mind in another world and without wanting it, I ended up completely ignoring that play giving millions of turns to his words in my mind.

An hour later the act finished, I left the auditorium to see if I was lucky enough to meet the brown-eyed blonde, because yes, I was sitting in the front row watching her in detail. To my favor, as if someone had listened to me, she appeared only two minutes later, in a casual stumbling block with me.

She was dressed in a sweater and a small domed cap, her legs were covered by a jean, and on her feet were black heeled boots. In her arms he carried a libretto, I suppose it was his monologue.

“S-sorry, I did not mean to, I did not even see where it was coming from, and-” she spoke so quickly that I could not help but laugh a little. I interrupted her.

“Do not worry about it, I mean, there are a lot of people around, you can stumble in calm” I said funny and a sudden smile of amusement appeared on his lips.

“Well, well, but let’s face it, I never stumble … Come on, who did I cheat? I’m a complete clumsy” we both laughed and she adjusted her glasses.

"Well, let’s be a bit more formal. My name is Tyler Oakley, but you can call me Ty.

“I’m Kirstin Maldonado, but to make it easier for you, call me Kirstie or Kirs, and if you want you can make me a nickname” I smiled and nod.

“Hey, taking advantage of the fact that you’re here, I have to tell you that you were fabulous on stage, you’re an excellent actress,” I said and she grinned.

“Really? Oh, wow, that’s good to know.” said.

I smiled and began to start a small conversation in which I felt as if I were speaking with some recognized philosopher, it was funny and entertaining. Minutes later her father called her from a car, she looked at me a little distressed and I braced myself to ask her if it would be a bother to give me her number, to which she answered a “Better give me yours” I nodded and quickly took out a paper of My pocket, it was by chance there. I was about to ask if I had a pen when I was laying it, I smiled and took it to write, I gave my number and said goodbye.

I smiled a little as I walked, I thought how interesting it was to talk to her even for a short time. I met my sister who started to complain to me because she had disappeared, typical drama of a girl who appears to be older. We returned home, I, a little tired, went up to my room and lay on the bed watching my cell phone and the notifications that arrived.

At that moment, I received a message from her and immediately scheduled it.

Miss Maldonado

Hello! I’m Kirs. :3

Well, I suppose you already arranged for me and I do not have to re-introduce myself xd

I answered and we talked for a while until I fell asleep.

The next few days they passed me on the phone, not stopping talking to Kirs, and next to me, a mocking Emily who never tired of saying she had a girlfriend. This little girl was annoying when she propose, and I do not change much in that aspect, even, I think I’m worse, at least that’s what my friends tell me.

In addition to talking to Kirstie without stopping, my mind has not stopped thinking about her, she was a fabulous girl and spoke in a really deep, unequaled way and, to my humble opinion, no girl I’ve met before has interested me as much as she.

Many times in the chat I said joke “Let’s be a couple” because my only intention was to make her laugh, although inside me, I really wanted it, it felt good to talk to her, I did not want to get off the phone for a single moment, Who would want to do it with such beauty on the other side of the screen?

The days went by and my desires to see her were getting bigger, I did not let another second go by, I would ask her where she lived because I was going to visit her.

Hey, dwarf, I want to see you.

Why do you want to see a domestic elf?

A small laugh came from me, she said that she had nothing attractive, but many times I have made it clear that it is totally the opposite.

I’m serious, idiot, I want to see you!

She took a few seconds to answer and in response I received a photo of her, covered to the neck with a white sheet and making funny faces. Take advantage of the solitude of my room and I laughed loudly.

There you are, you saw me.

-Facepalm and then laughs like an epileptic seal-

_Darling, use long scripts to report actions, here’s one. — _

Did I forget to say that she is an obsessive compulsive fanatic of good spelling? I think not, he loves reading and she always makes jokes about books, to confuse me, then correct me some punctuation errors. Many would have had enough, but it makes me laugh a lot.

Yeah, whatever. And that was not the sense in which I wanted to see you. I want to go visit you, Stie.

If you had said it before, I would have understood.

Anyway, what do you say?

She took another bit to answer, I was starting to get nervous about what he would say.

Sure, I want to see you, too.

I smiled.

Great! Give me the address of your humble abode (?

I do not think :c my parents have visitors, but tell them and they told me that we could see each other but in the park.

I sighed a little, though, on second thought, so I can buy her something.

No problem! What time?

In a half hour is fine

By the way, you forgot to put the dot at the end of the message :wink:


HAHAHAHHAHA You’re not the only one who can correct people

Same, you never put it on.

… Fuck you :slight_smile: see you

I got out of bed thinking a little, I want to buy her something but I do not want it to look like a date or something, or, maybe yes, I do not know. I took the money I had left for what I had been paid at work, it turns out that I wanted to be something independent and I work in a small clothing store as cashier, they give me Fridays in the afternoon and weekends free since there is another Employee who needs a short-time job, then we come to that agreement.

I left the room and down the stairs, Mom gave me a small look as if she were saying “Come here” so I went to where she was.

“Are you going anywhere?” She asked.

“Um, yes, that’s what I was going to tell you.” She smiled a little.

“Where will you go?”

“To the park,” I replied simply, earning me a strange look on her part.

“You go alone?”

“No, no, I’m going with Kirstin,” I said, and she exchanged her strange look with a smile, nodded slightly.

“Just do not come so late,” She answered and cleaned the table again, I went and kissed his cheek saying goodbye, then I left the house being a little nervous.

I know it’s not a date or anything like that, but, what will you think of me? I look good? Am I presentable? Ah! I must walk straight! I can not forget it.

With those small thoughts I walked to the park in a distracted way and colliding with some people, but I admit that I did not care, I just wanted to come and see her again, make her laugh in person and have a good time with her.

On arrival I went straight to the park benches, sat down without looking at the people around me and I took out the cell phone to write to her.

Hey, I’m here

The tick changes to blue and I wait about three minutes.

Are you there?

It happens the same as the previous time and I’m watching the chat, what happened? She fell asleep? Was there anything of the last moment? I sigh a little worried and move my leg nervously, the chat changes and then says “typing …” I smile a little relieved.

I admit that I’m holding back the urge to laugh, look ahead. <3 <3 <3

I look at the confused chat and answer.

Are you crazy? Kirs, do not make sick!

Yes, but it’s not the point, Look ahead, Ty!

I laughed a little and I denied with my head, this girl can not be worse. I raised my head trusting his words and saw no one. Buffet gently, idiot.

There is no one :stuck_out_tongue:

As I sent the message I heard a whisper in my right ear.

“It’s because I’m here, idiot.” I jumped up from the bench where I was sitting, almost shouting a rudeness, but I realized before too long. I turned to hear a loud laugh, it was her, I sighed in a bit of calm.

“You are an idiot! You almost kill me for scared me!” I exclaimed, relatively calm, not wanting to draw attention. She just laughed.

“The most idiot you’ll meet in your life and the one you love the most,” my cheeks flushed a little at his words, both were true.

She was there, with her beautiful laugh resounding, covered her mouth with her right hand while her shoulders moved slightly by her laughter. She was dressed in a light blue sweater which had a pink logo in the center, her hair, now grayish blue, was collected in two pigtails that made her look rather childish, she wore light jeans that were piled on her ankles, Some sports shoes grices and it is possible to emphasize that her beautiful and deep eyes were protected by his lenses, she was so distracted detailing her clothes that I did not realize that his eyes looked somewhat reddish. My mind was blank, except for one thought which was how beautiful she looked.

“How are you, blond?” She asked, looking a little mocking.

“Well, I would say perfectly but with the fright I passed a few seconds ago I feel that you gave me a heart attack” I said and buffet lightly, she laughed making me relax a little.

“Then you must eat a lot of fat food in excess.” I looked at her confused. “What was that comment?” She rolled her eyes amused at my confusion. "The myocardial infarction occurs because of a narrowing of the blood vessels due to the deposit of fats in its walls.

“See, did you come to teach me biology or what?” I asked amused.

“Was you who made a face of confusion” raised his palms a little, pretending to say" I’m not to blame. " I laughed with my head and I hugged her with emotion, she responded the hug.

“I wanted to hold you,” I whispered.

“And me to you …”

Only a few seconds passed and we separated again, I smiled big and I took her arms, placing my hands at the beginning of her forearm. I felt a strange shape on her right arm, right where his vein was but I decided to ignore it.

"What do you say we go for a piece of chocolate? Or a cheesecake made of strawberries and chocolate, do you think it’s better? "I asked and a smile crossed her lips, I thought he hesitated for a few seconds, but she said yes.

Cheerful and excited we started walking towards the candy store, while we talked about what we had done these days. We were on vacation and neither of us had left home, we laughed a little. We arrived at the place and made the orders and then wait a few minutes and be able to sit down and eat quietly.

The rest of the afternoon I did not realize that at no time had she removed her sweater, not to mention that it was not a bit cold, since we had been chatting and laughing non-stop, I loved spending time with this girl. I never thought that someone so interesting came into my life, that is, it’s perfect! She loves to read, she has a dictionary spelling, she sings beautiful (In whatsapp audios I have the proof, besides that he sang for me in person) is creative and really nurtured in knowledge, among other things, Ah! And at last I discovered that the monologue he presented at the act was written by her.

Yes, definitely perfect.

The afternoon passed so quickly that I was dissatisfied with the time I had been with her, after seven, when the sun was already hiding, we went to our houses. It was an afternoon that I will never forget in my life, nor because it gives me Alzheimer’s.

After that I could not avoid insisting more often that we go out together, but most of the time she could not. Some days passed and I had to go to the hospital, I volunteered to encourage the children who were there.

I arranged myself amusing enough to then go to the hospital with my mother, who worked there, and when I arrived I did my best to make the little ones smile and have fun for a while. When it was time for the snack I decided to go to the cafeteria and on the way I met someone I never thought I would see here, in this hospital, today and at this time. It was Kirstie.

I had a path placed on her arm and a serum transporter with the same hanging, I could not help but approach in a worried way, what had happened? Was she sick? Why did not she tell me anything? She looked rather nervous when she saw me.

“K-kirstie?” What happened? "I asked very close to her and without realizing it I ran a strand of her hair behind her ear.“Oh! Well, it’s nothing to worry about, I just suffered a dehydration and I’ve already told you how my parents are dramatic” said a little quick and then
she smiled, I calmed down a bit. My sight was lost for a moment.

“Why did not you tell me anything?” I whispered after a few seconds.

“I-is that, I really did not want to worry you …” answered in a whisper and I lowered my head somewhat altered, I don’t known her for years, but she has occupied much of my heart in a short time, is very important for Me and I care about her a lot.

“Do not hide me again.”

“Ty, do not exag”

“I’m not exaggerating, Kirs, I’m worrying about you,” I said and then looked into her eyes and she was silent for a few seconds. She nodded slightly and lowered her face a little distressed, my gaze went to the way of her arm and my hand unconsciously too, stroking it with my thumb. Immediately the memory of the day in the park came to my head, my heart beat a little quick to relate it but, no, it should not be that.

I got lost in my thoughts and then I felt an arms surround me, it was her, I sighed a little more calmly and I also hugged her,

“I love you, Stie,” I whispered.

“I more, Ty …”

We lasted a few seconds until I was calm, I heard someone call me and it turned out to be my mother. I squeezed my lips together and saw Kirs, I told her that I would write to her and she would wait for it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about her, leaving me very far from reality, what was happening around me. That girl has me wrong, very bad. He’s got me spellbound.

Over the next few days I was talking less with Kirs, she did not answer the messages very often and that made me worry, but I did not insist because she would bother. There came a point where one day it disappeared completely, I worried a lot and that night I received a new message from her.

Can you come to the hospital? Want to see you. <3

My heart began to beat very fast and I did not answer, I urged Mom to take me until she agreed.

I 'm coming

Room 55 on the second floor is the first room in hall five, not to be missed.

Why was I in the hospital? What happened? Would you have something to tell me?

After a few minutes I arrived at the hospital and after leaving my data I went to her room, something desperate and very worried. I arrived as fast as I could and opened the door, when I saw her I had to prevent my eyes from crystallizing, I approached space and sighed a little choppy, I sat in the chair next to her stretcher. She smiled weakly at me and I swallowed hard.

“Hello,” she said as animatedly as she could, making it more difficult for me to control my alteration. She had a nasal cannula and a way connected to her vein, she has told me many times that she hates that and that she despairs …

“Wh-What’s wrong?, W-why are you like this?” I asked brokenly.

“Calm, that’s what I wanted to see you for,” she whispered softly and put his hand to my cheek, caressing her. I nodded slightly, I’m very confused and scared right now. After a few seconds she spoke.

"T-ty … Have you ever wondered why I do not get out of the house? Or why every time I send you a picture I always cover what’s around me? “I shook my head, I had never done it.” Or why do I joke so much with “The Letter L”?

“Y-you told me that it’s a book …” She shook her head.

“I lied to you, Ty” turned her gaze and without losing another second, I asked her what was hapenning.

“I get acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Tyler,” she said in a slightly muffled voice and closed her eyes. My heart stopped completely, Leukemia? How!? My eyes were totally clouded and I dropped a tear.

“W-why did not you t-tell me that before?”

"B-because, who w-would want to be friends with a patient like me? Added those little brown eyes that I love so much, which are now crystallized, let some small tears fall, I took them off with my thumb.

“N-never again, Kirstie,” I said. “Y-you’ll never say that again in your life, D-did you hear me?”

“But it’s the truth.”

“N-no!” It’s a vile lie!

She was silent.

“K-kirstie, you’re perfect, n-never doubt that …”

“Y-you lie.”

“Why would I?” W-why would I have to lie to the most beautiful woman that ever came to my life?

“B-because I’m going to die, and-and they just want to see me happy !, Just f-for that! …”

My heart broke and tears began to out very quickly.

“No, you can not m-die, you can not!” I said, and I took her face in my hands, which was moistened by her tears.

“C-clear that I can, t-total, so my parents already n-do not have to spend m-more money on me, d-do not care and-and no longer I have to l-live …”

"Yes, you do! I care about you, Kirstie! I love you! "I confessed in despair and tears, she seemed surprised.

“T-to love me?” W-why?"

“For all, precious, p-for your way of being, for your voice, for your intelligence, your way of dressing, your unmistakable mood, for being you!” she was silent for a few seconds

“And I …” She closed her eyes, her cheeks flushed. “I love you too …” I sighed in a gasp as I listened to her and gathered our foreheads, my heart beating a thousand.

“Please, d-do not go, I-I need you, I-I love you with every fiber of my being,” I sobbed, after a few seconds I also heard a sob on his part.

“I-I l-love you so m-much …” I let out another sob and my heart beat with strength and pain, somewhat shakily I put our lips together in a kiss full of pain and all my love for her. Her lips moved in synchrony with mine, in a dance of emotions, this could not be happening, I did not believe it until…

I woke up.

My face was bathed in tears, What happened? Where is Kirs? It was all a fucking dream!? I rubbed my eyes nervously and desperately, saw the cell phone, had two messages from her.

«Love appears in life in the least expected way, sometimes the most painful way, but the time we have with it at our side we must live it and take it as if it were the last time we do it, because love comes to Teach us something, either to forget, to consent, to enjoy, or in this case, to take care.»

Well, that’s the part narrated by Tyler, there is a story by Kirs where everything is cleared, and sorry for the translation, it was originally written in Spanish.