My PTX experience - Cheyenne Steba


Hi! My name is Cheyenne Steba. I am 15 years old and this is my meet & experience in Amsterdam on June 1st 2016!

How I finally got the VIP tickets…
I already had the normal concert tickets a couple weeks before the show itself, but I wanted to meet them so bad, so I was thinking about buying a VIP upgrade (which was still available at that time). I didn’t know if I was able to, because I was going with a friend and I didn’t want to have meet&greet myself, while I left her outside waiting for me to come back… After thinking for a while, I decided that I wanted to buy tickets for her as well. I told my mom that I wanted to buy the VIP tickets and she was okay with it, but my ABM AMRO card (a card we use to pay with in The Netherlands) wasn’t enabled to shop online yet. Me and my mom tried to fix that so I could buy things online. We did that and we had to wait a couple days. We did. Days went by and we didn’t get a response at all, so we went to the bank ourselves. We fixed it there and we went home. I went to the PTXOfficial site to buy them and I figured out that we needed a creditcard to pay for the VIP tickets and we didn’t have one… We tried for a PayPal acc, but we also didn’t get a respond from them… We couldn’t thing about other options…

I thought it was over. My dreams about meeting them were crushed. I was picturing every day what I was gonna say to them and how I was going to react if I met them.
Then after a couple days, my mom told me that maybe I could borrow my grandmother’s creditcard to pay for it online. I was SO happy and I asked my mom if she could ask my grandmom. I could put my money on the creditcard, so that I still paid for it myself. She agreed with that and my grandmom lend me her creditcard. I still got less than 2 weeks to make this work, though. I had a little stress but I decided to keep going. First we had to make sure my money was on the creditcard. We did that and also had to wait 2-3 days. We did and still nothing happened. We checked it every day and nothing changed. Then we figured that we filled in the wrong creditcard number and we had to try it again. We got 1 week left and I was scared that it would not be on time, but I did not give up. After 2 days or so, my grandma called me at 9am and said that the money was on the creditcard!! I was SO happy and I immediately ordered the tickets (Even though I had to go to school lol). We had no problems with that and it finally worked… We did it… I’m going to meet the people that mean the world to me…

Now, the actual VIP experience…
A couple days before the actual meet&greet, I surprised my friend with the tickets. She was so happy and we both really looked forward to this moment. When we arrived in Amsterdam, we got something to eat, made some friends in the line and we waited together for like 3 hours until the VIPS were allowed to come in. The people with the private performance went in first, then the people with soundcheck and after half an hour, it was our turn. I didn’t actually realise that this was really happening tbh… Nathan made a couple photos and told us the rules about what we were allowed to do and what we weren’t. We waited inside for a while and then the moment was there. I heard everyone screaming and when I looked at the stairs I could see a glimp of Avi and I freaked out. So much butterflies filled my stomach. I couldn’t feel anything but happiness and excitement. We all went back in line and waited for our turn for the photos.
The moment came closer and closer. The guards took my bag and put it somewhere safe (we couldn’t bring it with us). And there it was. I was the first in line now. The only thing I had to do was wait for the sign that I could go to them. The guard nodded that I could go in and I went. I didn’t believe they were real. They were standing in the order they always are in, just like on the posters. Avi first, then Kirstin, Scott, Mitch and then Kevin. I was SO nervous and I walked slowly past Avi. I looked him right in the eyes. Then I looked at Kirstie. The first thing I noticed were her eyes. Her eyes were so pretty and big and she looked so happy and friendly. Then I noticed her cute hair that was in 2 buns on both sides of the top of her head. I smiled (I hope I did) and I walked towards Scott and Mitch, because I wanted to be standing inbetween them. I literally felt my heart beating because I love them so much and I couldn’t believe that I was standing in front of them. Even before I was there, Scott raised his arm to put it around me and said: “Hey sweetie, you look so cute!”. “Thank you!” I said, but I don’t know if they heard me because I was talking so quiet. I am a pretty awkward and shy person and I don’t really know what to say to people that I’ve never met in person before, especially people that I adore and love that much. Then Scott and Mitch both put their arm around me and I did the same thing. We took the picture and I heard Mitch sing really softly and I died. Even though Mitch is my favourite, I was too scared to look him in the eyes. I really do regret that. After we took the picture Scott said: “Thanks babe, nice to meet you.” I literally didn’t know what to say for a sec. I wanted to say “Nice to meet you too!”, but I couldn’t say it. It just didn’t came out. I stood there awkwardly and then said it, but it came out really quiet and they probably didn’t even hear me. I walked away and Kevin nodded friendly at me and I smiled back. I picked up my purse and I cried. I couldn’t believe I met them. They put an arm around me and they’ve actually seen me and they’ve looked me right in the eyes.

I walked to this guy who gave me a ptx bag with a pair of sunglasses in it and he gave me a poster. Then I waited for my friend and we got back in line for the signing part. As we walked back crying, our friends that we made gave us a big hug and they were so nice to us. I got my drawings and letters out of my purse, because I wanted to give it to them. All of us fangirled so much and it felt so nice to be able to share this experience with people that love the same group as much as I do. People who understand my feelings.

When we got to the tables they were sitting at, I promised myself that I was gonna say something to them this time. This time Kevin was first. When it was my turn he said: “Hi! How are you?” I said: “I’m great, Thankyou!! I am so nervous hahaha.” He raised his hand for a high five and said: “Aw, don’t be nervous”. I gave him a high five and he held my hand for a while. I kinda died xd. I don’t really know what my reaction was, but I hope I didn’t look stupid. I gave him my drawing and Letter I made for him and I told him what it was (I just drew a portrait for each member with a handwritten letter on the back). He looked so happy and so excited when he saw the drawing. “Omg this is awesome!! Thank you so much!!” He said. I couldn’t do anything but smiling. I looked at Mitch and I saw that he tried to peek what it was. Kevin signed the poster and I moved on to Mitch. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He signed the poster and all I could say was: "Omg I love you so much, my heart is beating so fast. He smiled at me and I gave him the drawing. He looked so touched and said: ‘‘Oh my god… Thank you so much!’’ I smiled and I couldn’t stop looking at him bc he was so pretty xD. As I went to Scott, Mitch looked at me and my friend and said: “You’re matching!” (Me and my friend were both wearing our #Scömìche merch) and we both were like yaaaas! Mitch laughed and I went to Scott. When I gave him my drawing he was like “Oh my god! He is so handsome.” I laughed and then he looked up and smiled back at me. He really inspected the drawing and then thanked me for it. Then I got to Kirstie. I also gave her my drawing and she really loved it! I congratulated her with her engagement. Kirstie was so sweet and thanked me for the drawing. She really showed that she cared and that made me so happy. I didn’t say much after that because I didn’t know what to say anymore. And last but definitly not least, I gave Avi my drawing. He was also really happy and thanked me for it. Then he signed the poster. We looked at each other and he nodded, so I nodded back. I kept standing there for a while and I felt like I was gonna say something awkward or stupid so I just walked away to avoid the awkwardness.

The concert…
I was so overwelmed. I didn’t believe what just had happened to me. Me and my friend freaked out and went to the little merch store. I bought so much merch and then we had to stand behind some gates. It were just doors made out of glass, but we had to wait until we were allowed to go into the hall for the early entrance. We tried to walk really fast, but not to run because the guard told us that we were not allowed to (He walked ahead of us). When we got really close to the fence, my friend and I reached for it and held it so tight. I looked around me and I realised that we made it to the first line, in the middle of the stage. Could this day go any better? I called my mom and told her everything that had happened at the vip. I texted my friends and now all we had to do was wait for ‘Us The Duo’ and PTX to come on stage. We waited for an hour or so and then ‘‘Us The Duo’’ came on stage. They really slayed that performance and they’re so talented!! After that we waited another 30 minutes, and then the moment was there. We heard ptx singing ‘cracked’ backstage and everyone started screaming. Again, I couldn’t believe that this moment was happening… I screamed so loud and I danced the whole time hahaha. Everyone was singing along and it was such an amazing experience.
I almost got picked me for ‘Misbehaving’ to come on stage… I thought Kirstie pointed at me and I started feeling als these things, but it turned out te be the girl right behind me. Then Scott looked at me for a really long time and I screamed so loud and raised my hands the highest I possibly could. I really thought he would pick me, but then turned his head to another direction and picked someone else. I cried a little during the song, even though I didn’t want to. I wanted to be happy for the people who got picked. I really wanted to sing along (Misbehaving is my favourite song) but I just couldn’t. I would start crying even more if I did that. Scott noticed it. He reached his hand to me and started singing a line to me with a face as if he was trying to say: ‘‘Don’t cry baby’’. I smiled at him and I felt such butterflies in my belly. My friend told me after the concert that Kirstie also looked at me, but I didn’t notice that. Then with ‘New Years Day’, Scott did the same thing again. He reached to me and sang a line to me, while he stood right in front of me on stage. I smiled and made a heart sign with my hands. He smiled back at me and continued performing. That made everything okay. I was so happy again and started singing and dancing. After all this I was happy for the girls who got picked. She was so happy and she deserved it.

This day was literally the best day of my life so far. I got to meet my queens, who I adore and love SO much; I got to talk to them and take a picture with them; I was in the front row at the concert and Scott sang a line twice to me. This day couldn’t go any better. Thank you guys so much for doing this. You make so many people so happy (including me) and I’m really thankful for that. I love you guys so much.

Thank you for taking your time to read this! I put so much work in this and I really hope you enjoyed reading it! I’m sorry if it’s too long! I love you :two_hearts:



Wait, if I wanted to get VIP passes, would I have to buy a pass for my mom as well? I’m only 13 so I can’t exactly go by myself. I’ve been trying to find out but I got nothing so far.



If you’re 13, your mom would most likely also have to have a VIP pass.



Okay, thanks :heart:



You can contact On The List Presents to find out. They run the VIP experience and can tell you all the rules.

Their email is [email protected].

They are also on Twitter ( OTLPresents)



I think when I went you had to be 16 to go without a parent so she would need a pass as well.