My School's 2017 Lip Dub


Well, my school did another lip dub to celebrate another 4 years old SME. We did one in 2013 which was featured in an olympic’s car commercial (just barely, but, it still happened). This is the new one for 2017 and it’s kind of cool actually. It took us all 4 tries! 3 times and they all were messed up. From microphones cutting off, to people not remembering their parts, to the music glitching after the 4th try we had finally finished it. Let’s just say that we were all thankful to get it over with. If you guys want, for fun, here’s the lip dub from my high school. The beginning is cool, reminds me of The Ring (maybe that was their point or a coincidence?)

(Also, let’s play, “Where’s Mia?” where it’s like Where’s Waldo but instead, you must try to find me and give me the time of my appearance. If you answer correctly first…I’ll give you a doggo gif)