Not Feeling My Best Tonight

Had a pretty exhausting day…

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t like confrontation, much less interaction with my older brother at all.

He had borrowed my earphones last night and I needed them this morning. It was pretty early in the morning. I went into his room, gently woke him up and nicely asked for my earphones back.

At first, he said “no”. I didn’t want to deal with whatever crap he was trying to pull, so you can imagine I got a little irritated.

I said, “I need to use 'em.”

He asked me, “What d’you need 'em for?”

I persisted and said, “I just do.”

He said, “I’m not givin’ 'em to you till you cooperate with me.”

I got a little angry and said, “Wow, you want me to cooperate over some damn earphones?” I was about to just leave his room, 'cause I didn’t want to deal with his b.s., but he asked me again,

“What d’you need them for?”

I told him, “I have a class today.”

He got a bit irritated, I guess and said, “Alright, then just tell me that from the beginning. You don’t have to get mad at me.”

He gave them back to me, but then called me a “fucking asshole”, for literally no reason.

I didn’t like that, so as I left his room, I said, “Excuse you!” and left to go to my room. We left it at that, but I couldn’t help crying after a confrontation like that…

I left the house to get to my class early, because I couldn’t stand to be in the same house as my brother.

I talked to my job coach about it and she gave me some good advice.

Sorry if this is a bit random, but I felt like I needed to get that off my chest.

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So sorry you had to put up with that just to get something that was stolen back. You should have just told him that you wanted them back because they’re yours and you want them.
Glad that you had someone to talk to about it and glad that you could come here to talk about it.