Official KC Picture Thread ❤️📷


Since I can’t find the old post (it also has a TON of replies) why don’t we start fresh with a new post for sharing cool pictures and talking about them :heart:
I’ll start by sharing a pic I took this weekend at Disneyland (well, technically California Adventure)
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE Captain America fan :heart_eyes: They don’t have the face character back home in Disney World so I really wanted to meet him :heart:️:heart:️


cute picture!! love it :heart:


this flopped so hard whyyyy
where are my buddies @MonaysMontage @missalissa529 @mmKay at when I need them (aka 3 out of my top 5 replied to)



I gotchu fam. Here we go. Bout to drop some cute a** pics.

Wow I have no boundaries.


here’s a nice picture everyone


I really don’t have any good new pics, so here are a couple random ones.


I LOVE your animals. Can you send me some :sob:


Sure! Take your pick. Three dogs and two cats! :joy:


I’ll take the cats!!! :sob:


You can have Dexter. With Binx, we need to set up some visitation or something.


Deal. My mom just got rid of my kitty and i miss her


You’re honestly style goals :heart_eyes: Keep slaying us queen


Thanks queen!!


Found some pics that I’m proud of


You’d make an amazing photographer!


Uploading… Uploading…

Here are some nice ones :heart:️:heart:️


Thank you hun!!


This is not me.


ooh i’m gonna share some pictures from our trip to new york