Official KC Picture Thread ❤️📷


I tried a pizza with pinapple last night… and it was actually really good lmbo


I feel cute with my messy hair


I have a beach addiction. Here are some pics from yesterday and today there!


All of y’all know that I’m a HUGE Broadway fan. So it seems that 2017 will be the year of theatre for me :sunglasses: I got to go see A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder at the Dr Phillip’s center today!! It was great and absolutely hilarious. If you don’t think you can afford theatre tickets, always try for rush tickets. Orchestra seats for under $30!!! That’s amazing.


So glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully you will get to see many more.


My queen @Sassyqueengrassi made these amazing edits!!


AAAAHHH Thank you so much!! Love you! @MonaysMontage


You look like a goddess!! @Sassyqueengrassi you’re an amazing editor ! :heart_eyes:


Thanks hun!!


Had a Galentine’s Day at a drag queen restaurant and it was amazing


Decided to put on some black pencil liner today


Omg that looks straight up fierce, like you’re not afraid to do what you have to do :flushed::flushed: shook


Ahhh thank you!!


My friend decided to touch up my makeup and I’m lovin it



I need to slow down on the middle fingers I’m sorry…


Rocking the eyeliner again today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Also my adorable potato)


And instead of working on the yearbook, this is what me and my friends are doing.