Official KC Picture Thread ❤️📷



With Kovu gone, I’ve had more time to focus on cleaning Lily up. I got all of her matted hair out and gave her a nice bath. Then I pulled up Snapchat and realized that she registers on it (our other dog and the cats do not) so I had to take a bunch of pics of her with the different filters. :grin:


The only good thing that happened yesterday was that my jacket came in the mail :heart:

The creators responded and liked my pictures! :heart_eyes:


You look great in in that! Also your makeup is on point :sparkles:


She is so cute!


ugh why are you so pretty it’s not fair


I’m not though? :sweat_smile: :heart:


Idk if any of y’all know DisneyQuest but it’s closing this year so here are some pics from my most recent (and probably last😥) visit



YoU sIt On A tHrOnE oF lIeS


you look so good in those shots !!!


Back in the big apple


I’m not lying though? :joy:



I saw Todrick Hall in Kinky Boots and LET ME TELL YOU my heart has been through a marathon of emotions. I actually met him twice today and ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he is such a great hugger. He called my friend beautiful and her make up skills were ok point (literally pointed her out of the back of the crowd to tell her that) my other friend was hyperventilating pretty much the whole time and then he was giving advice on auditioning and being as diverse as you can. Ok here are some pics


i agree with myself.


OMG U MET HIM!??!?! ur life is complete, truly, but anyway your night looked amazing. hope you had so much fun :heart:


omg i remember doing that donald duck thing when i was little (we also did minnie!)

sad that that’s closing :sweat:


Yeah! He was such a sweetheart and gives the best hugs


aw i can only dream of meeting him ahhh
btw, did you have to get VIP to see him in person?


No, you just have to be outside the side door of the theater to meet the cast


The last time they said it was closing the deal fell through and it stayed open another year… it’s closing down to make it into some stupid NBA experience. It’ll probably be another sports bar :roll_eyes: I’m really hoping the deal falls through again bc all they really need is like a 4 month overhaul and update and the place could be good as new again. I feel bad for the people that work there cause even tho they’ll still have jobs it sucks that they’re going to have to move somewhere else :frowning: