Official KC Picture Thread ❤️📷


If you’re responding to my first pic/post, yes it was at DCA :slight_smile:


I got to dissect a brain in my lab today!! Made me feel like a member of the Shepherd family


My grandma is better than yours.


i don’t actually know.


I took this pretty artsy photo today. I feel it pretty much describes me…


So I forgot to show this a few weeks ago but the hard copies of my senior pictures arrived and they look MUCH better than the digital. It’s sad, I’m so white that they added even more skin color to my face so I don’t look translucent. And I wish I was joking. But these turned out really good.



You are so beautiful!




It was fun :joy: On sc I captioned the pic it is brain surgery :joy:


you look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!


@Kiramj @EmmaKG thank y’all so much!!


Met up with a pentaholic from twitter today! We’re making plans to hang out again!


I love all those movie posters behind you (and your tshirts lol). Where was this pic taken? Are you a collector of movie posters?


Haha no we met up at a movie theater. (The shirt part was planned)


Oh ok haha. The Halloween poster and the one under it kinda threw me off lol. Still pretty cool.


Makes sense. Yeah the movie theater is covered in movie posters both new and old.


Nice. I love theaters like that. They’re aren’t a lot of those types near me, just general theaters.

Have you seen their documentary?


Yes it’s amazing! I would love to see it in a theater!!


Me too, or in a drive-thru movie theater (there’s one semi-close by to me) with real-life music before and after and stuff like that.

I just bought it, and it’s really cute, cuz it actually comes in a CD case instead of a regular DVD case lol.


Two more pictures with the ugly watermark since my fam haven’t bought the pictures yet :joy: I’m still not over this TBH :heart_eyes::heart: