Official KC Picture Thread ❤️📷


Did my little brothers makeup tonight (he wouldn’t sit still or it’d look better) he kinda looks like me :joy:


I did my sisters makeup once. She’s four.


Found this pic of PTX on Pinterest and thought it was awesome!! Crazy how much they’ve grown.


Okay that’s the coolest picture!!


I thought so. Normally I don’t share edits I find on Pinterest because I can t give credit but this one was amazing


I was watching one of their earlier music video covers, “Payphone by Maroon Five” as well as “Aha” and their performances on “The Sing Off”. They all already look so much younger in those videos. Avi looks really young, and Kirstie still had her nose ring and nose stud lol.

My babies are growing up! :frowning: haha


He, he. I’m a kitty.


In case y’all didn’t think glo-ups were real. I’m living proof.


This is James Charles glo-up. He is the first male coverboy and this might be the most extreme go-up I’ve ever seen😱


He looks amazing! Every time I see his commercials I get excited!


He is a true beauty


This is random but I was on YouTube and found this. @hassanahmed120 was interviewing them kind of!!! That’s cool. Also Kirstie sounds exactly like her mom minus the southern accent☺
I think that’s hassan… I think


Oh look. I thought she was just scrolling😂




How I’m studying tonight! Seriously love my hammock!!


i made a little village


thats cute.


One of my friends at school is deeply in love with Scott Hoying. Literally we were listening to ptx last year and she was crying and shaking she loves him so much.

So I got his face on a sticker to give to her for Christmas


omg i’m the friend i cry over him all the time


If you are the friend, then your Christmas gift just got ruined lol. Have you ever met him?