Official KC Picture Thread ❤️📷


Thank you!!!


It all looks beautiful but I’m very glad that I don’t live near you. I don’t like getting caught in a traffic jam trying to get to my house every night.


House light decorating goals :clap:


thank you my uncle and dad decorated the house!!





there it is again


oml howwowoowo

yes kc htis is a whole sentence im pissed at the pop up




Christmas cookies


Update: made about 200 cookies


Hammocking by the lake!!


I saw on Instagram and got jealous. I want cookies.


:v:️family recipe :v:️


I went to EPCOT last week and got to see Anthony Mackie speak at the Candlelight processional. He’s aamazing and a literall sweetheart. I’d love to meet him someday, he seems like a really nice and chill guy :blush::heart:️:sob: And obviously the choir was amazing as well and obviously i sang along


I got to see my friend tonight!!! She is the Scott to my Mitch


Also had a Christmas cookie decorating party and my friend has a secret Santa who wanted a trump shirt so we decorated cookies as our response to that


That seems kinda petty tbh, just don’t buy them the shirt :roll_eyes: I’m sure the cookies were still amazing tho


“We love because he first loved us” -1 John 4:19


It’s been a year without my dad. I cried at least 3 times throughout the day. January 2nd is also gonna be hard. It will be a year since his funeral (damn. That’s weird to think about)