Omg holy sheet not good not good!


So, I’ve had braces since I was in 4th grade. I’m in 7th grade now. So, basically 4 years. And I’ve been wearing headgear for the same time period too. As a procrastinator, I refused to wear it until I went to bed. I would take it off in my sleep. Now, my orthodontist says that I either wear my headgear for as many hours as humanly possible, or I have to get SURGERY to get some teeth REMOVED!!! My next appointment is in 6 weeks. How am I going to do this?! I don’t want to get surgery!


As soon as you get home from school in the afternoon put your headgear on. If you wake up during the night and it’s off, put it back on. It’s something you have to make a habit of.


I’ve had two teeth extracted myself and quite frankly, it really does suck… but the concept of surgery (at least in my experience) seemed much more scary than it actually turns out to be. I’ll be crossing all my fingers for you that it doesn’t come to that, but in the meantime listen to your dentist. As @ajptx101 said, try to make wearing your headgear a habit. Perhaps by showing some progress, you’ll at least be able to put off surgery for a later time.
And should it come to needing surgery, please don’t hesitate to message me for support :two_hearts:


Thanks guys! You’ve been a lot of help!