Omigosh ptx presents: top pop vol. 1


Hello guys so pls let me rant a bit. PTX Presents: Top Pop Vol. 1 is HONESTLY FIRE. I LOVE EVERY (RELEASED HEHE) TRACK.

They are all so good like ugh

Havana was just amazong. Scott really showed off here like POP OFF. Everyone here tho looked amazing and what setting are they in? A library? i loved it tho and that arrangement? yes.

New Rules x Are You That Somebody? was Matt’s time to shine. Those notes were actual fire and it was burning. I loved that moment that nobody was expecting where matt and kevin just POPPED OFF like “let em have it” like ok thanks.

Attention was just so evenly divided between everyone. Even the shots weren’t biased towards anyone and everyone really had like a moment (well not everyone INDIVIDUALLY but yeh) so it was amazing. They were all literally on point like YES HUNNY.

but anyway



The beginning of New Rules/Are you that somebody


They’ve made compilations of classical and modern songs, but what about their own GREATEST HITS album?

Pitbull released one pretty recently and I recognize and can recite nearly every song on there. PTX could make a really nice compilation of popular recordings from past albums. Daft Punk, Can’t Sleep Love, and Bohemian Rhapsody would make some nice headlining tracks.

I made a topic about this a while ago, and it gained some positive feedback. Of course, new music will always be a highlight.

Anyways, I really don’t listen to new music unless the album is fully released (or if I’m really interested, like Brett Eldridge’s new eponymous album - already released).


I now realize my reply is totally off-topic :joy:


NO OMG thats such a good idea. Legit tho that would be amazing. They would even likr “remaster” some other songs and some would stay original. Its would be so lit hhuuuhyhuh now i waaant.


The downscale of Attention. Also Scott’s high note in Attention.


Remastering is NOT needed for their music - it’s already high quality. Remastering is to make older songs - classics - sound better in higher definition by playing/editing their masters/originals through modern audio recorders. David Bowie and The Beatles sound clearer thanks to remastering.

Re-recording might be nice with the new group, but they should keep it as a bonus.


Very true tho they do not need to remaster their music. They are already high quality. I just mean that if they wanted to do a little something something with their old (but amazing) stuff, i’m sure it would be amazing as well.


Spotify does this with artists, and it’s actually on Vol. III: track-by-track commentary. If the group decided to commentate their popular songs, we could see how they felt when they topped the charts.