Original Song Lyric Chain


I hope to one day be a songwriter and I’ve been lacking inspiration lately.

I’ll start with a phrase and you all can add to it and perhaps we can make something really cool! :slight_smile:

In the place where the sidewalk ends and the sky begins…


there are many paths, if you look at the rode behind, you see who you’f bin. but look straight forward to become who you want to be…


No regrets, no apologies…


Keep walking forward, Chase your rainbows, and maybe your dreams will come true.


Chase your rainbows… I really like that :slight_smile:


Thank you. (Post must be yada…) :blush:


but don’t let the monsters in your dreams get in your path, they will do anything to get in your way. (i’m really bad at this)


(No, you’re good.)
They’ll bruise and batter your piece of mind, but stay strong, and let your spirit fly.


because flying is all that matters when you’re on cloud nine.


as you tumble and fly in the little universe of your mind, it doesn’t matter what people think, cause you stand strong and hold your pride


Free yourself from the shackles you’ve wrapped around yourself, the ones you think are demonic, but are of up most pure, angelic light.


(this is getting deep. : b)


(That’s what we want it.)


(yeah so deep)
don’t let fear get in your way, from surrounding yourself with light and friendly spirits


They’re here to help, not tear your dreams. Let them in, don’t shut them out. For one day, you’ll need their comfort.


but don’t forget, you get what you give. so be friendly and the best version of yourself. create friendships, and give it all the light, this way the kindness you give will go around and around in the world, and it will never end.


(haha it looks more like a poem, and it’s beautiful)


(Goddamn, how did I become friends with Shakespeares in the making?)
Absorb the positive light, shun the dark mist of nightmares. Only then can you find yourself, spread your wings, and show the world what it’s missing.


(haha thank you so much, your lyrics are amazing)


(Aww, thanks kywant. I love yours too.)