Original Song Lyric Chain


don’t get stuck in the thinking so much, you’l forget how to live and your mind will be cached in the thoughts of your own brain. let your creativity fly, to find your own self


It’s not going to be easy. Heartbreaks and misery will come knocking at the door to your mind. But don’t let them drag you down, for you’ll be sucked into a forever spiral of guilt and doubt.


(omg your so good)
the light of friendly people will pull you out, but only if you let them in. it is not bad if you need someone to feel good.


(You’re too sweet.)
Love those you care, don’t push them out. They care about you, and they want you to succeed. But if you stay trapped in your remorse, you can never see how much they love you.


don’t shut out what’s important, and love someone else, or you will find yourself in misery and doubt. cause if you can’t love another you cant love yourself


You are a beautiful human. Key word, human. You will make mistakes, it’s just a natural thing. But if continue to regret them and live in your past, then nothing can pull you out. It is up to you to pull yourself out. Moral support can only be so much.


( haha this is going so well we should write one together):grinning:


(We should. I absolutely love writing songs.)


(me to, but this is more like a poem isn’t it :joy:)


so don’t listen to what people not close have to say to much, listen to your heart and follow your own path. learn from your mistakes, and engage the solution. this way you will learn to be yourself.


(It can be a song too. I write extremely poetic songs. Also, we should end it here. This is plenty. :joy:)


yeah definitely, i think it’s pretty awesome :grinning:


this is a really long song… : b


yep, yep it is :joy:


But it’s full of meaning, and that’s what it should be. You guys did great!


your right, and you especially did a good job :+1:


Aww, thanks kywant. We need a piano. This sounds like it would make a fantastic power ballad.


yes it would, that’s a good idea


If only I could play. I must learn.


i can play a little, i used to take lessons but i didn’t like it. now i just improvise