Original Song Lyric Chain


Oh cool! I used to have a piano, but I didn’t have interest in learning to play. Now I wish I did.


right, i wish i just told myself to just do it and that it’s all worth it, but i didn’t. aaahhh regret :confounded:


It gnaws at my soul and forever pulls me under, it’s shackles of darkness pulling me further and further into the depths of my emotions. I’m sorry, that got deep.


haha that’s okay, your a funny genius


Aww, thank you! You’re too sweet.


This is absolutely crazy! I might have to do this more often! If I take bits and pieces of these lyrics and put them to music, we can call ourselves the KirSTAN Klan :smile:


yeah we can kirSTAN power, and yes we should do this more often :smile:


F🍓ck yeah! I love that idea!


YES AMAZING :grin::grinning:


Same! I’m reading all of these thinking, “Wow I should create a topic like this to help me” Which I actually am tomorrow! I’m giving you credit for the idea!!


yes it did go pretty well :smiley:


Yepp :slight_smile: So I have found out two things today.

  1. All of my friends are freaking genius’ with a creative mind
  2. All of my friends on here are older then me :joy:

  1. thank you :blush:
  2. that doesn’t matter now does it? :grin:


Well, its nice that it doesn’t matter on here. Where I live, you are apparently ‘Stupid’ or ‘unpopular’ if you talk or hang out with people not your age. Its pretty messed up. I’m glad this forum is different :slight_smile:


yeah, this forum is welcoming in a lot of ways :smiley:


Omg this is amazing! And you guys should should definitely make that into a song because the lyrics are super creative. <3 xoxo


thank you thank you, we did our best. it turned out really deep and it has a lot of meaning


How am I just reading this topic?? The song turned out great! We got some amazing songwriters here :heart_eyes:


but hey, what will we call it??


@Jasmine @PTX.syl I can play piano! Maybe I can help you guys out :wink: