Pass On the Happiness


Choose 1, or all to read :slight_smile:

I love you. Never stop being you :kissing_heart:

You are beautiful :heart_eyes:

Could you be any more talented?!! :scream:

There is always someone out there who loves you. Never forget it. :heart_decoration:

I hope you know how much you mean to us. :blush:

By reading this, you can choose to pass on the happiness, or stop your end of the chain with you. The decision is entirely up to you. Pass it on to your friends, family, a stranger on the street, it’s your choice. Make sure to document every time you pass it on, and get other people involved too!

So, will you pass it on?

  • Of course!
  • I think I’d rather not.

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i don’t have any real life friends on here apart from one, so

@carrotthemilk @PTX.syl @MonaysMontage @Jennavyr @mmkay

I just tagged random people tbh :wink:

like no offence y’all are awesome

just u were the first peeps i thought of


@simsnet @ajptx101 @pineridge2021 @nichole


@Vero @Luv_Ya_Krusty @BNWheat @EmmaKG @everyonereally


@meganptx @Srose3399 I’ve just tagged random persons, but guys I want to share with you this : You all are amazing people, and anything can be beautiful if you allow it to be :heart: Just be yourself . Peace


@castella626 hallyson, for you. listen to it.
i would @ andrea if she was still on here but yeah uknow (she already knows bc i still tell her every day, im her therapist tbh)




@fangirlalerta @fionayim @Katief1107


@MusicalPanda123 @PentaholicKayla @Shareen_Vanesha


thank you girlie xx

do i pass on again ummm here random people have this

@anaiismlopez @blue.eyed.caroline @Craze @dinseykitten @EmmaKG @FantasiaHazel

there you go beep boop


plz pass it on: @mmKay @Hepsi @Kyra_Pearson @Srose3399 @CharlieGrassiHoying


@gingerlove729 @Sassyqueengrassi @Srose3399

idk if y’all have done it yet :slight_smile:


@CharlieGrassiHoying @MonaysMontage @ajptx101




@MusicalPanda123 @PentaholicKayla @Lexi


@MusicalPanda123 @carrotthemilk @PentaholicKayla @CharlieGrassiHoying @Katief1107 @Simsnet @ajptx101 @Lexi @MonaysMontage @Ptxlover5


@maldonado @Ptxlover @PTX.mel


Thank you for thinking of me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


awh ily all :heart:1


@MonaysMontage @Kyra_Pearson much love 2 both of u !! <3