Pick a Disease (Fine. More characters.)


No, seriously. Pick a disease or disorder, I need to pick one to write a paper on for anatomy and physiology and all the obvious ones are taken, and of course the ones that are unique don’t have enough to write about because they don’t know why it happens or what exactly happens physiologically.


dermatillomania (disorder)
typhoid fever
THE BLACK PLAGUE BITCH (bubonic plague)
swine flu (pig flu)
bird flu

i have a few others but these are my favourites? (Eek)


Ooooh, these are interesting! And I definitely have a few diseases that I have an odd fascination with. I kind of want to look at viral meningitis because that’s one that’s fascinated me for a hot minute.


I feel like I could do a lot with bubonic plague because there are two other plagues that are caused by the same virus (bacteria? is it alive?) and pnuemonic plague was part of a story line on NCIS.


yeah, also there’s a lot of information and history on it!


Maybe something like Alzheimers?


Someone already took that one. I think it was one of the first ones gone.


Erythropoietic Protoporphyria literally means you’re allergic to the sun


This forum’s title moderation is a disease


oops we had to pick real diseases