Positive Vibes Good Thoughts


Going to bed with peace. I’m relaxed and looking forward to another beautiful day :heart:


Woke up refreshed and feeling good!


If I get good grades this year, my dad will let me get my nose pierced for my 14th birthday!


Holy crap i’ve wanted to get my nose pierced forever!!! you lucky bean!!! you’ll look great!!!


Had another great day. Goodnight. Lots of love :heart:


Chill day today :heart:


I had a fun time in drama today and got a B on my math quiz!


I was finally able to stand up for myself today :heart:


yas queen you go!!!


Got a 110 on math hw cause I did extra credit!


Drama and chorus was really fun again today!


I got a lot done in ELA :slight_smile:


My new friend Mason and I hung out after 6th period :slight_smile:


All my hw is done and now I’m chillin


I feel really pretty today!


u areeeeeee


I got to perform on stage for my drama class today!


I’m finally getting the hand movements down for choir


my science teacher said i did an excellent job in class today


Got an A on my math quiz and an A+ on hw