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I’ve drawn her with every single eye color imaginable, but still don’t know what color her eyes actually are.


Mirror Room Effect


por que dices que no es perfecto? yo lo veo genial, espectacular, ME ENCANTA.:heart_eyes:

quisiera aprender a dibujar así

Eres una excelente artista :sparkling_heart::cupid:


bueno, lo por siento la calidad de la foto, no es el mejor dibujo, lo se, pero hice un esfuerzo :3




Princess :sparkles:


quedo hermoso!! me encanta!! :heart_eyes:


Lol they’re hazel


i’m kinda getting a DARK green sence as well


Her eyes are actually brown she wears contacts often


Creía que sus ojos cambian de color :joy::joy:

y por si las dudas, si, es real. Es como una espeecie de sindrome, no me acuerdo como se llama :3


This was for an AU where Kirstie managed to get powers of moonlight and became Artemis, the goddess of the moon

This was just a random sketch I did that I regret


yeah I always thought they were hazel bc sometimes they seemed brown but sometimes green???


Yeah I’m pretty sure they’re hazel


Shhh, I’m trying to be poetic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Lol I actually don’t know… I thought they were brown at first? But then I was like, no, dark green. And then I was like, green-blue? Hazel??? lol


It probably just looks different in different lighting. My eyes can be dark brown or green and everything in between. It just depends on the light. I think Kirstin’s eyes look different in different lighting as well.


here is this i think it’s a bit much but again, im just glad i finally drew something


I’m jealous seeing all of this fan art and I’m sitting over here wishing I was this talented to draw or do this period!


Sea breeze :ocean::fog:


Beautiful kirstin ~