Post your Fan Art here!


That is so cute! I love it


Ty serena :D!!!


I just finished this. Its the first fanart I’ve really tried to do well. I’m not a pro. It may not look exactly like Kirstin. But whatever. I tried and I’m proud.


It looks great!! :heart_eyes:


That’s so good!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


can i include this in a book that i will be giving to Kirstin? Ill include your username


can i put this in a book that i will give to Kirstin? I’ll include your username!


So proud of you @EmmaKG!! I just loved it!! :slight_smile:


Wow that is so cool!!!



thank you :heart::heart::heart:


Of course! Could you also include my Instagram if possible? Insta: @scomiche


Yeah! That would be great!!


Gave it to them november 7 but didn’T get to see their reaction! hope she liked it!


She would have loved it, it’s just amazing!! :heart: :heart:


Working on this drawing of Kirstin in her kitty costume she wore for halloween.


This is my first ever drawing of her!:two_hearts:


oh my god that is really good. lots of talent.


Thank you!:two_hearts:


oh my god my art style is so cringy why did i post this