Post your Fan Art here!


No! Its really good! Don’t doubt yourself. I wish I could draw even half as good as you​:heart::heart:


OML THESE ARE AMAZINGGG!!! Kinda wish that I could decently draw but eh :stuck_out_tongue:
Also what do you all use to edit the photos?


I use PicsArt.


!!! ur art was literally so cool u don’t have to be so harsh to urself!! im sure kirstin would love it!!!


no, it actually looks amazing. i wish i was able to draw as good as that oml.


Forgot to upload the finished drawing so here it is. :blush:


It’s from two years ago, but I figured my first piece of Kirstin fan art would be appropriate for my first post on here. :blush:


That’s really good! I love it.


@ChasPTX Thank you so much!


I drew Kirstin in an arina tanemura style since her fave ani/manga is full moon :eyes::eyes::eyes:


I know she loves Sailor Moon, but do you have the interview/video/whatever where she says it’s her favorite? Did she say why?


She answered my question on twitter :slight_smile:

Don’t know why it is exactly, but Full Moon Wo Sagashite is a wonderful anime/manga so :two_hearts:

Oh and she said in a Periscope with Jeremy that Princess Mononoke was her favorite anime overall.

I do know her favorite sailor scout is Sailor Mars since they look alike hahah


Wow I just loved it!!! :heart_eyes:


Thank u!! :blush:


It’s a little ugly, but I post it anyway :yum::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sorry but now in Italy it is night, so I can’t take a good picture…:sweat:


That’s really cute! I love it!


Thank you!


Drew this of Kirstie from the perfume

medley video!


That’s amazing!! I wish I could draw!!!