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Here’s a really simple edit


is that melanie martinez’s Dollhouse?


Yeah! That’s like my favorite song ever


Its a good one


Lo hice hace poco, estoy muy orgullosa de eso :yum: :heart;


Prettyyyyyyy :open_mouth::heart_decoration::sparkles::sparkles:


Thanks!!! <3


You guys I just remembered I made this :smiley: (insp. by Kirstin’s cover of Never Neverland) sorta lame but I had fun and that’s all! that! matters!


I was going through old files and found this piece from over two years ago :slight_smile::blush:


I drew Kirstin a few weeks ago :heart::heart:



What makes up Mitch Grassi


So true! You especially can’t make up Mitch without Scott. Scömìche 4 eva! :heart::heart::heart: It’s beautiful! Also, I miss Wyatt Blue. Where is he?


I don’t know. :weary:


Mitch and Scott gave him away :frowning:


Yeah, I remember watching a Superfruit where they said they had to rehome him. :sob: