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Hi Kirstie!

I drew this for you a little bit ago, and my style has changed a little bit but I still like this image. I love you SO much, and think that you are one of the most amazing people in the entire world. You inspire me to do great things in the world, and I can’t wait to meet you in November! Love you!!!


I made a Sims 4 edit today for Kirstin and Jeremy’s engagement!


I just did this pen doodle of one of their engagement photos!


WIP I call Kirstin In Wonderland. I’m transferring it to digital and hoping I can get it done soon!


The present I gave to her at my concert. She was so surprised I got her anything at all, much less made this for her

The blending isn’t the best but I’m happy with it. :slight_smile: :heart:


A thing called a Wedha Pop Art Portait (WPAP) this was the first one I ever made, using my teacher’s instructions. I’m not really that happy with it, but I think it might just be the style and the way my teacher explained it and had me make it that doesnt make it appealing to me.


I’m not very good at drawing but here’s a pic I drew of Kirstie :slight_smile: hope you like it <3


The Troye Sivan one was the second one I ever made, and I did it using my friend’s instructions (who has made like 10 of these things) and I was soo much happier with it. So when I met PTX I made Avi one!


This is very good! :slight_smile:


I tried to draw @Kirstin

Let me know what i could do better


Oh and this ones


Congrats Jeremy & Kirstin! :confetti_ball::two_hearts:


Low key they don’t need wedding planners, we’ve done most of it already



This is very pretty! Did you base this off of an actual photo of her?


I see things that nobody else sees.

Low key disturbing sketch of a china doll Kirstie :neutral_face:


ya’ll are in here! I love u guys!


This was actually also from my Kirstin bday dump bc I thought that omwh gag reel thing was funny but I didn’t kno if Mitch being in there would be too left field at the time orz but anyway here it is yayyy


I love this so much! It’s so good :heart_eyes:


I’ve made quite a few edits of Kirstin, so be prepared for a lot more :laughing: