Post your Fan Art here!


I made this one when Kirstin was in Japan…and it kind of came true! Except it happened in Paris :heart: Congrats on the engagement​:two_hearts:

Jeremy proposing to Kirstin in Japan :sparkles::dog::heart:


I drew this picture to include more variety in my college portfolio! I used coffee to blend the colors instead of water and let me just say it smells so good :coffee:


Oh my goodness that is beautiful!!


I turned Kirstin’s dress into a yellow rose :grin::rose:


Kirstin and Olaf❤️


thank u! yes i did. :grin:


Those are really pretty!:heart_eyes: I wish I was good at drawing!!:joy:


I did an attempt at the album cover


I did this one last year and yep it’s about time to draw you again Kirstin! I know you’ve seen this on my pinterest but I thought I’d also upload it here! Ily


Thank you! That means a lot to me :grin:


Kirstie has always been huge inspiration for me, along with other ptx of course!! here’s one of my works :slight_smile: <3


It’s all of PTX, hope y’all are okay with that! It’s like the “Evolution of PTX,” so the left half is from an old picture (2011/12), and the right is a recent picture (2015/16).


Also, oh my goodness! Everyone is so talented! A+ to everyone of you guys!


Omg I’m obsessed! This is adorable! :cherry_blossom:


I wonder if Kirstie’s hair will ever be this long again💭


Sketched this last night when I couldn’t sleep :pen:


I made this about 2 months ago and I feel a little weird uploading it because im not very proud of it tbh? but it’s ok bc i tried my best anyway and id still like to share it :no_mouth:


Um, excuse you. Did anyone say you were allowed to sketch so perfectly? No? Well, I’m glad you did it anyways. ^-^ the flower crown is so cute! And I love how detailed it is. You really couldn’t sleep, because that lpols like it took ages!



I love the art style and the coloring! :heart_eyes: