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Bestie look? :joy::two_hearts:


drew this back in september i don’t rlly draw realistic art much hahah i tried ( . . )


oh shit so pretty :heart_eyes:


i love how u did the hair :information_desk_person: slay


ur very nice thank you :see_no_evil:
yeah i chose this pic bc i rlly wanted to draw her pretty hair :haircut::sparkles: I’m glad I succeeded I guess heehee


yeah you really did :+1:


Texas trio and, meat and potatoes. and a close up you couldn’t really see much


Teach me your ways


Thats so good omg! :heart_eyes:


thank u so much :blush:


omg that’s amazing! look so real!


not sure how to feel bout this but I would appreciate some feedback


omg so artsy, good job :+1:


thank you xx (post must be 20 characters blah blah)


Kirstin in the new superfruit video


hi it’s currently 3:51 AM where I live and I just quickly sketched this bc why not amiright?
i’ll probably draw the rest of it… well I guess you could say “later on today”
feedback maybe?
I don’t know…
i’m a mess lmao
update: yeah drawing the rest of it is not going to happen anytime soon haha


wow that’s awesome, your really good at drawing :grinning:


Idk :cherry_blossom: