Ptx in allentown


Hi guys! Earlier this month, I attended the PENTATONIX show in Allentown, PA. Despite the pouring rain, they still put on a fantastic show as always! During M&G, Kirstin was super sweet towards me as always, Kevin & Avi remembered me too :heart_eyes::grin::heart:️.

During the show, Kirstin picked me for bean bag! It was a surreal experience and I am truly honored & grateful for it! I got to hug Kirstin, Scott & Avi on stage too. It was a memorable night in every way! Here are some pics from the show.


Hi Jeff! I hope you gave Avi a big hug. I missed reading your posts. :heart:


hello jeff! it’s nice to see you back! I’m so glad you got to see ptx again- did kirstie recognise you? :heart:


I’m so happy for you. The 3rd photo looks especially nice.


Oh, I also forgot to ask out of curiosity when was the first time you met Kirstin? Or PTX?


I definitely did & thx!


My 1st time meeting PTX was in Newark, NJ last Nov


Of course she did, ha!


That’s so cool!!!


Badass dude! What an awesome night that must’ve been :slight_smile: