PTX In Bonner Springs


Inspired by @amazingjr_87’s post :heart:

The best night of my life occurred one month ago today. I attended PTX’s concert in Bonner Springs, KS. I describe the experience more in depth on my Wattpad (gingerlove729), so I’ll try to give a brief summary of that night.

I got lost quite a few times during the PP experience, and I earned the nickname “Troublemaker” by Emma :joy: I believe I was the only one who got PP for PTX and M&G for UTD, which their timings intertwined, so they worked out me getting to meet everyone. Everyone was so incredibly sweet, they gave amazing hugs, and they made me feel welcome and important :heart:

The concert overall was fantastic! There was a shooting star during their Imagine performance (which I didn’t see, only heard from others that were at the concert) :star2:, and…

Scott picked me for beanbag! :skull_and_crossbones:

A couple of my friends recorded the Misbehavin’ performance and, with their permission, I uploaded the videos on my YouTube channel (gingerlove729) :heart_eyes:

I was on such a high the entire night, especially during/after Misbehavin’. I could never thank them enough for giving me a night to remember.

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I wanted to go but ended up NOT going! FUUUUU


Awww! I’m sorry about that! :open_mouth: :frowning:


I kept reminding my dad over and over months and days and weeks before but after a while, I guess I forgot to keep doing it and assumed that he remembered and got tickets but I guess he never did. Ah, it was on a school day anyways and my parents work their asses off every day so it’s not the worst thing ever