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I thought this would be a fun topic. PTX has revealed the songs they’re covering for thier new album. Excitement? Thoughts?


I for one am very excited. Apart from the ones we already heard, I have no idea how they’ll spin any of these…but they always find a way!


I’m so excited for perfect! For a little I’ve dreamed of dancing to PTX as my first dance at my wedding but they didn’t have a song that worked for me. Now they’re covering the song I’ve prematurely chosen for it!


i think they’re okay, i’m not a big fan of pop music so i don’t know how much i’ll like the songs. i’m still excited though! hoping for an original album soon though.


#Friday @Katief1107 :wink:


There are a lot of songs I wasn’t a big fan of in the past until they were covered by PTX. :blush:


I know dude! Although it makes the recent breakup harder and I know I’ll probably ugly cry when I hear it I’m still so excited!


That’s honestly kinda the story of my life. I love Ed Sheeran but other than that I don’t know many of the songs except for stay and I hate that original.and issues and that ones even worse than stay.


yeah, sadly. Also, the trouble with living in australia is for me it’s ALREADY the 13th!!!


I don’t think that means trouble. Means you got it sooner!


we did, actually! cosmic!


Ugh I just wanna hear perfect already :joy:


Update: for the first time I must say I like the original better. I like this one too it’s pretty but the background plus the cello is just too much for me with this song. Parts of it are great but there’s others where it’s too much for me.


I also don’t like that it’s sped up. And feel that it’s a little too riffy. I love Scott’s riffs but the beauty of the original is in the lyrics and the way it’s sung. It’s just idk.


Kirstie on despacito/shape of you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I’m loving that mash up (yes I’m listening out of order)


The fact that Kirstie isn’t singing lead on sorry not sorry is disappointing. Can we remember her singing confident??


Matt however :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: (anytime I hear his low notes… anyone wanna get me his number :joy:)


Not a fan of stay.
Kirstie on issues :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Don’t like that bridge or whatever you wanna call it in issues. Seemed unnecessary
Heading to bed now. Will listen to the others tomorrow just wanted to listen to the ones I knew.


yeah ikr, every time i really hope she gets more lead


yeah, I’m not sure what i think of it to be honest. I stan PTX and will forever, but the songs aren’t my favorite. Despacito x shape of you is great though, and kirstie absolutely kills it!


as always she does!