Random Because, Bored



My name is Mia.

What’s YOUR name?

This is how you say MIA


This is me V



Everytime I look at this picture I keep cracking up as if it’s the funniest thing ever. Oh my God…what’s wrong with me?! :joy:



my name is charlie

what’s YOUR name?

this is how you say CHARLIE


This is me V


Hahahahha! Oh my god! I’ve started a trend! Hahahaha (I’m literally laughing SO hard right now. I’m 18 and find this stuff funny. I’m such a child!)



yes plez for ternd
i tag @MonaysMontage and @MusicalPanda123


I tag @hepsi @anaiismlopez @mmKay @Lexi @PentaholicKayla @Andrea_KTM and @brokensmyl @gingerlove729 as well as @Simsnet because why not add a man to this gang of girls?



My name is Alex

What’s YEUR name???

This is how you say Alex


This is me V


OH MY GOD!!! This thread is making me die laughing. So, is that head really yours? Or nah?


Wait, is that really your head? Just wondering…


yes, that is my face from a while ago…


Ah okay! You make a beautiful…octopus? (Octos and squids look the same to honestly)


kracken!!! and thank you?


Hahahaha. You’re welcome XD


Ye ye​:joy::joy::ok_hand:


Hey there!

My name is Kirstin Kayla

What’s YEUR name???

This is how you say Kayla


This is me



Does this mean that you’re beautiful but rather two dimensional? :joy:


Who, me? Or, someone else?



my name is anaiis

como te llama?

this is how you say my name

ah-na-eese (like in geese)

this is me

(peep that Halloween store/white girl’s terrible attempt at curly hair)



My name is Lexi.

What’s ur name?

This is how you say LEXI


This is me



Hahahaha! Who’s the lady that you’re face is attached to? XD