Random stuffffffff


I invited Monay because I’ve never done it before, lol sorry Monay.


what lol



I found this meme again. I know this girl. She was one of my campers at my summer job for a few years. Ironically she is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met


awww!!! that’s so sweet!


I have A Hopeless Crush™ and it’s figuratively killing me


Oh wow lol. <hug.jugyiguyguyguyfuyfutfutfutfutcytcvc>


me toooooooo ugh


Google search: how to recover from the flu quickly



I just finished i’ll give you then sun and noah and brian are so fucking cute i actually cannot. It ALSO made me cry, in the middle I was all like ‘my heart? I don’t need it’ (sobbing)


Anyone who can, please message me I feel miserable


You be prepared becuase I’m going to be trying to figure out what to change my profile pic to so it’s probably gonna be changing like crazy.


Alright so DJ is making jokes sayin he going to kiss another girl cause we ain’t together I know he jokin but he don’t know I’ll hunt any bitch down that I have to from my baby


Okay he keeps replying with “really” with every email I send and I’m laughing my but off and told him to have a fun time in math :joy::v:


What do I respond with he isn’t stopping :joy:


Damn. That hurts. Friend zoned for days


Okay so now he’s saying that he only loves me as a friend but before he was saying he wanted to be together before but I don’t get it anymore!!!


So I told him despite him loving me only as a friend I’m still in love with him and probably always will be


Well turns out we will not be getting back together as he told me he will have another girl in his life. I’m sad now


I guess I’m just gonna move on and be grateful for a good friend. #single4life