Random stuffffffff


Oh my gosh, yes, lmao :joy::joy:


The thing is, is he told me I’m in the friend zone. Damn :joy::expressionless:


i mean being single isn’t that bad (i should know it’s what i’ve been all my life haha)


i’m still so upset that panic didn’t win the grammy he deserved it


i feel like i disappear for a few days, then i come back and like reply to everything i missed, and then i disappear again lmoa


The closet thing I’ll get to a tattoo at this age. (Sharpie)


"I always figure out a way to pass"
Wise words by yours truly


Me: What do you think of my KC profile pic?
Skylar: eh
Me: Really :expressionless::fu:


Okay seriously Skylar made me late to class becuase she desperately wanted to do my eyebrows and I was just like NO and we like had a whole conversation in the bathroom i swear this girl :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


So my friend wanted to touch up my makeup. So during recess we both went to the restroom and seriously one of the teachers followed us to the bathroom and told us to go outside. :unamused:


This is what we’re watching in choir!!!


okay so does anyone know any good tuning apps


For like vocals and/or instruments?




What instrument? Guitar?




Hmm. I don’t know I’ll let you know if I find one.


okay thank you


And I spent like 5 minuets trying to get the make up off :ok_hand::+1:t2:


i really want to learn how to play ukulele