Random stuffffffff


Have you seen the Captain Underpants movie


i have not


fuck it im done trying to pry my eyes open tiredness u win g’night folks


… wtf


here we go again


the title should b ‘Braxtyn’s late night thoughts’


trying not 2 fall asleep while
talking 2 @ajptx101


Then it’s time to go to bed. I need to go do some chores before bedtime anyway. Hopefully we can talk tomorrow. If not I’ll talk to you when I get home from work.

Sweet dreams.


thank uuuu gnight


update: i hate this f :strawberry:cker


UPDATE: I was lazy so i decided just stay a vampire choir nerd.


i probablyspammed likes i went back through topic 2 c how much of a troll i wuz and did some liking while i wuz at it


its almost midnight im taking my sorry ass 2 bed


PLOT TWIST: The same boy that makes Kirstin break a little every time she sees him is the same boy that keeps her up all night :open_mouth:


my sister is about to do her drivers exam and she’s been taking me to drive around the neighborhood i’m terrifieD every time we go lmao


how old is ur sis?


she’s 19


oh my brother is too


oh nice