Random topic basically just two people conversing (VOTE IN THE POLL PLEASE (It's reply 307))


woops sorry


it’s like this family fun place with a buffet and games


oh lol cool

im eating goldfish and im about to draw something v important imma haeve fun


ooh i love goldfish and have lots of fun


i have writers block and i haven’t been able to continue my storyyyy


aw that sucks

i just write down my emotions randomly or like just little bits i think of and soon that comes into an idea for a chap/poem/song

i never started that drawing im readng fanfic instead and this one is so frICKONG GOOD




i’ve been meaning to start doing that actually

lmao what fanfic is it

i wish i could draw or painttt


oh cool lol

its called this time around but its a ship you don’t care about lol

i’m okay at it i guess i want to practic more though so i can get better


oOoh things are getting real steamyyy am i in a sauna


what ship is it

practice makes perfect ¯_(ツ)_/¯


lmaoo yeah boii


rewind ewins now tey’re crying kdjs


that was quick


jamilton lmao i’m such trash for gayness in the 1700’s

yeah it does


its because well i dont know why he was crynig yet wait


oh taht’s amazing


update me once you know


yeah lmao its


will do materino