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aw they got disqualified from the debate for making out :((((


thank yououou


wait fuck tjeff just made out with someone else in front of his own boyfriend im


hold up that’s not right


man my legs are so soft you should come over and feel them


its really not im

from the text:

Madison is on the floor, weeping actual tears. Thomas would go to him if it weren’t for the lingering feeling of betrayal.


lmao i’ll get in my space car real quick




the door is open



okahy now this is out of hand jamilton fucked this is

i feel bad for madison (jimmy)


poor guy


poor guy

i just finished chapter one that was really good man


keep updating me please this is getting good


wow that was the second part of the series whatever

i can send you a link of you wanna read it yourself though


sure why not


even though i know little to nothing about hamilton


also when i said they fucked they only probably did because you could just assume so


alright lol


i think it’ll be fine either way lol


okay good because it sounds really good