Random topic basically just two people conversing (VOTE IN THE POLL PLEASE (It's reply 307))


okay here you go

also pt 1 is really good so if you want to read pt 1 than 2 you can
(also also this takes place with modern technology so yeah idk disclaimer this isnt accurate)



i’ll read it in a bit



its not too long either so


okay read pt 1 first its really good

have you started yet


i’m watching a livestream


okay cool

but yeah i’m like not nearly done with pt 1 but its still v good


im gonna cry its so good

still barely done though


i’m about to read it once i get ready for bed


pt 1 or pt 2

you wont be able to finish it tonight if you read the whole thing


i think pt 1

thanks for the heads up


okay cool and problem my dude


i’ve been reading for an hour and im only this far in

and this is just pt1


except there’s more than that bc some of it got cut offf


im sHaKiNg its so good


lotta smut in this yike

good smut though


i want to SCREAAAMMM


okay thats just how i feel the whole time reading this


oh jeff’s kinky


“don’t fucking call me that”



i feel that everyone has this topic muted lmao