Random topic basically just two people conversing (VOTE IN THE POLL PLEASE (It's reply 307))


nothing elaborate ooh what if hes gonna do something elaborate


lol he didnt



if you dont like smut/get uncomfortable reading it then don’t read this story lmao

or if you dont like kinky shit


i hope that ****** *** ***** ****** for the good


finALLY people talking real words about real problems


my stomach is twisty oh my god


oh my god this is so soft im twisty again


no thank you the parentheses are making me




i just finished it and that was the best fucking piece of literature i have ever read


it took two hours so idk




also there isn’t a part 1 or 2 they wouldn’t make sense going together like that lol

its like two different stories under the same ship so they ut them under the same series thing lol sorry for the confusion


wow wots going on here?? this is ahh… a lot of replies…


i was reading a fanfic that was good and telling andrea stuff about it bc she wanted to read it lol

theres always a lot of replies isnt about to close


where are you @Andrea_KTM


once this gets to 1000 i want to go back to the gc lol idk


i’m so sorry lmao i fell asleep again


okay i’m gonna read it today after my orchestra regearsal


i have to go get ready for that